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project relationship and the role of the project manager n.
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Project relationship and the role of the project manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Project relationship and the role of the project manager

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Project relationship and the role of the project manager
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Project relationship and the role of the project manager

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  1. Project relationship and the role of the project manager Luise Lorenz Christina Mohr Niklas Wilkens Miguel Cabezudo Nicolas Laflesselle

  2. Project Relationship • Project Manager – Stakeholders • Stakeholders – Stakeholders • Establishing a project environment • Field of influence and support • Important for a projects existence • Key to success

  3. Project Relationship Client Project manager Design Team Architect Structural engineer Civil engineer Services engineer Consultants Quantity surveying Planning supervision Planning Legal Facilities management Main contractor

  4. ConsultantsPosition and responsibilities • Depending on contract: from “just advisor” to “self-responsible department” • Position mostly interesting in case of legal disputes • Mainly offering guidance in the earlier phases of a project • Normally not related with the executing companies/sub-contractors

  5. ConsultantsTasks • Adding experience and special skills to the project • Possible fields would be • pre-construction surveys • traffic construction • foreign countries law • special knowledge on the buildings purpose (i.e. biologics or event management)

  6. Design Team • Supervised by the project manager • The team consists of architects and engineers • Good communication is needed in the team

  7. Design Team • Architect -Its role is to design the building -He has the artistic view of construction • Structural Engineer -He has to get a design can be constructed by a structure -He has to consider the technical limitations -This is a more technical view of design

  8. Design Team • Civil Engineer -They design and build in the area of civil engineering -Bridges, dams, tunnels, roads, … • Services Engineer - They are responsible for all electrical, mechanical and services works for the project. -They should be looking to design a cost efficient, environmentally friendly system.

  9. Project Relationship Client Main Contractor Sub-Contractor Sub-Contractor Sub-Contractor

  10. Main contractor • Chosen by the client • Must be independent from the project manager • No link with the project manager • Must participate to the studies, planning of the projects, and give some advices

  11. Withthe sub-contractors • The sub-contractor must finish the work before the dead-line, otherwise he has to pay penalties • The sub-contractor is in charge of the damages that he caused • The main-contractor must provide a payment guarantee to the sub-contractor • The main-contractor needs the agreement of the client for each sub-contractor

  12. Project Manager • Can work either for the client or companies • Responsible for the success of a project • Main tasks: • Planning • Controlling • Monitoring • Executing

  13. Responsibilities • Recognizing, tracking and solving project issues • Providing the stakeholders with the main facts • Being aware and taking care of risks • Always finding the best solutions • Scope management • Schedule • Time & Budget

  14. Development Process

  15. Questions and Answers • Briefly describe the function of a consultant/What is the frankly put the function of a consultant? • A: Delivering extra specialized knowledge and advise to the project management • What are the main tasks of a Project Manager? • A: Planning, Controlling, Monitoring, Executing • Name three responsibilities of a Project Manager. • A: look at slide ‘Responsibilities’ • Which is the main difference between architect and engineer? • The architect designs a building based on an idea or concept that he wants to convey to society; and the Engineer has to make that the design can be constructed using the techniques and  materials which are available at this time. • What is the link between the main-contractor and the project manager? • Nothing • What does the main-contractor have to provide to the subcontractor? • Guarantee of payment in before

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