Fuels of the future
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Fuels of the future. What car will you drive?. Search Google and YouTube “futuristic cars”. YouTube. Fuels of the future. What fuel will it run on?. Energy Considerations. Short- and long-term availability Cost to develop, produce and distribute Net energy yield of balance

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Fuels of the future

Fuels of the future

What car will you drive?

Fuels of the future1

Fuels of the future

What fuel will it run on?

Energy considerations
Energy Considerations

Short- and long-term availability

Cost to develop, produce and distribute

Net energy yield of balance

Environmental impact

Sustainability: renewable, nonrenewable, or nonexhaustible

Alternative fuels
Alternative Fuels

Biodiesel: Soybean, Algae

Ethanol: Corn, Algae, other Biomass energy sources (sugarcane, sugarbeets, wood, switchgrass, etc.)






Fuel food economic environment debate
Fuel, Food, Economic & Environment Debate

  • Oil prices are linked to food …and most everything else… food costs more because the energy to produce the food costs more.

  • High Grain Prices

    • Biofuel demand

    • Global shortages related to weather

    • Speculation

Renewable fuel panel
Renewable Fuel Panel

  • Production Cycle

    • Fields of Energy DVD

    • Web stream www.agclassroom.org

  • Advantages & Disadvantages

    • Subsidies

    • Environmental Impacts

  • Future of the fuel, could the U.S. run on biofuel?

Fuel flicks
Fuel Flicks

  • Ethanol Plant

    • Super Yeast: Making ethanol production more efficient

    • Switchgrass Science

  • Biodiesel Plant

    • Fats to Fuel

    • Algae (QuickTime Movie for download)

      • YouTube Algae Movies

      • Green Fuel – Algae (History Channel)

  • Hydrogen

    • Algae Research

Classroom resources
Classroom Resources