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i need attention n.
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  1. I NEED ATTENTION!!!!!! Sorry, but I had to do it.

  2. Probably mislabeled as troublemakers A lot of students that have attention seeking behaviors are often labeled as “bad kids”. Attention seeking is often attributed to all sorts of disabilities, mental illnesses, lack of medication or a deficit of good parenting. Attention seeking behaviors take many different forms…..

  3. ATTENTION SEEKING BEHAVIORS Yelling Hitting Destroying property Constantly talking to peers Refusal to do work Drop and flop with frequent looks to staff Running during outdoor assemblies Out of seat Annoying habits like tapping or making noises

  4. ATTENTION COMES IN MANY FORMS Not necessarily wanting or needing “good” attention. Stop! No! Quit! Sit down! Shut up! Kids laughing or looking in their direction One on one help or soothing talk Office referrals Attention is attention

  5. CONSIDER THE FUNCTION OF THE PROBLEM BEHAVIOR If the behavior results in attention from staff…… If your response is always: Admonishment Help One on one assistance Talk to calm them down Referral to office * Threats to call home And the behavior is increasing in frequency, intensity, or duration; chances are good that it is for attention. * This could be escape, but more on that later.

  6. CONTROL AND EXTINGUISH Our job is overcome this need Reduce/extinguish the problematic behavior Give more acceptable ways to get attention

  7. OVERCOME THE NEED FOR ATTENTION Satiate the need for attention Give a job that requires socializing Passing out or collecting up papers Messenger Periodic praise or attention Walk the room Use their work as example (use others too, and differing reasons) Consider a frequent movement break where they can talk or socialize Peer buddies Use peers to help explain and complete work Pair/share/read aloud/oral cloze Interactive Instruction Board work. I do, we do, you do…..let kids explain and talk

  8. EXTINGUISH Ignore the bad behavior Don’t speak to the misbehavior Instead, praise people who are doing the opposite If the behavior continues for long or escalates, stop work for a fun activity for students behaving nicely Once the behavior stops, Praise after about a minute of good behavior and specify Tell how much you like this new behavior Consider why they need attention during this time. Lunch or recess just prior? Especially hard subject? Attention not frequent enough Use more interactive teaching

  9. ACCEPTABLE WAYS During a neutral time, explain goals and alternatives to their current behavior. Offer incentives. Closer and closer approximations to the desired outcome Raising their hand Waiting until a break Creating opportunities to share and interact

  10. TRY THESE WITH FIDELITYAND AN OPEN MIND If these do not work, consider another function for that behavior….. Escaping work would be a likely candidate Text or write me for more information Email via district email: david.gosbin@cvusd.us Text via number provided in my emails. Feedback and ideas are always welcomed.