dream or nightmare n.
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Dream or nightmare?

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Dream or nightmare?. A look at Surrealism through photography. Jerry Uelsmann. Jerry Uelsmann. Jerry Uelsmann. Man ray. Man ray. Réné Magritte. Réné Magritte. Maurice Tabard. Maurice Tabard. André Kertész. André Kertész. Eugène Atget. Eugène Atget. Your assignment – part 1.

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dream or nightmare
Dream or nightmare?

A look at Surrealism through photography

your assignment part 1
Your assignment – part 1
  • You will select an artist and type up a visual analysis about one of their pieces of artwork.
  • Visual analysis:
  • Describe
  • Analyze
  • Interpret
  • Judge
your assignment part 2
Your assignment – part 2
  • 1. Decide whether you will create a Dream or Nightmare image.
  • 2. Photograph at least 10 different objects/scenarios that you associate with a dream or nightmare.
  • 3. Create your own 7-10 layer photomontage inspired by the artist's theme, images, composition, techniques, and title. You may also use images that you shot for other projects.
  • 4. Be sure to use a range of Adjustments: color, curves, levels; Filters: solarize, find edges, watercolor, etc.; Transformations: scale, perspective, distort, etc.; Opacity, and Blending Modes, including “Blend If…”
your assignment part 3
Your assignment – part 3
  • 1. Now use the same/similar images to create the opposite of what you did first: Make your Dream a Nightmare or vice versa.
  • 2. You may shuffle your layers, change opacity, blending modes, etc. to create the opposite effect.
  • 3. In a word document title each photomontage and give a brief interpretation of what the meaning was for your dream/nightmare image. (Think in terms of the visual analysis part – Interpretation) There should be a title and interpretation for each image.
  • 4. Print out the word document and cut up the two interpretations separately.
  • 5. Mount both photomontages with their interpretations onto black paper.