the fertile crescent empire n.
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The Fertile Crescent Empire

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The Fertile Crescent Empire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Fertile Crescent Empire. Section 2. Essential Question. What were the three most powerful empires of the Fertile Crescent?. Vocabulary. Empire Babylon Caravan Bazaar Zoroastrianism. King Sargon II. King Sargon II was king of Assyria and conquered many empires of the Fertile Crescent

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essential question
Essential Question
  • What were the three most powerful empires of the Fertile Crescent?
  • Empire
  • Babylon
  • Caravan
  • Bazaar
  • Zoroastrianism
king sargon ii
King Sargon II
  • King Sargon II was king of Assyria and conquered many empires of the Fertile Crescent
  • Empire- An area of many territories and peoples that is controlled by one government
  • Empire created by Hammurabi in 1787 BCE by conquering the cities of Sumer
  • Build roads for travel and trade
  • Caravans, or groups of travelers, stopped in Babylon on their way south
  • Bazaars, or markets, could be found in Babylon where cloth and spices could be bought
babylon falls
Babylon Falls
  • Babylon was wealthy-why?
  • Shrank and destroyed by invaders in 1500s BCE
  • Was in open land and thus was constantly attacked
  • People became skilled warriors
  • Best defense is a good offense-Assyria protected itself by expanding!
  • Invented the battering ram
  • Cities were a great place of learning and record-keeping
babylonia rises again
Babylonia Rises Again!
  • Controlled the entire Fertile Crescent
  • King Nebuchadnezzar II rebuilt Babylon
  • Chaldean control
  • Astronomers and other science learning took place in the cities
  • Babylonia fell to the Persians, but the city of Babylon was spared
entrance slip 11 29
Entrance Slip- 11/29
  • Describe the Assyrian Empire.
persian empire
Persian Empire
  • Largest of the Fertile Crescent- from Greece to India
  • Zoroastrianism- Ancient Persian religion; one god is worshipped unlike neighbors
  • Tolerant of other religions
  • Culture- known for tolerance, conquest, trade, science, and government
  • Helped shape modern civilization