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Choosing a right staffing agency PowerPoint Presentation
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Choosing a right staffing agency

Choosing a right staffing agency

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Choosing a right staffing agency

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  1. Choosing a right staffing agency: Staffing agencies are now becoming a hub of recruitment and staffing activities. Staffing agencies are providing impeccable services to organizations that are in the need of talented candidates as their employees. The tough global competition for securing the businesses has resulted in the organizations to choose the most talented and trustworthy candidates as their employees to successfully run their enterprises. However, hiring employees is a lethargic process that involves a constant procedure of hiring, posting for job vacancies, scheduling interviews and conducting training sessions for the selected ones. All these complex procedures, necessitated in seeking the help of staffing agencies who are experts in the field of human resources and staffing services. Even though the concerned organization has to bear the cost for hiring staffing agency but it is really worthwhile if the firm would like to concentrate on its core business activities. The staffing agencies give their client organizations or firm the convenience of recruiting employees on their own terms and conditions without compromising on the quality of the would be employees’.

  2. Therefore, before choosing a right staffing firm, an organization must know about the techniques in picking up the right staffing organization. The following factors must be considered or checked into before choosing a staffing company and these are: • Aware of limitations: Before choosing a staffing business, the organization must be fully aware of the nature of the staffing organization and the things it can provide as per the recruitment policy. The limitations of the staffing company must also be taken into account as all staffing agencies are not created equal. • Choosing the targets: Employer must look for those staffing agencies that dedicate their services or are specialized in those industries in which the employer is doing business. For instance an Information Technology company will get real benefits, if it hires a staffing business that deals or specializes in IT related recruitment. Statistics do show that nearly 90% of companies that seek the help of staffing agencies that focus on the same field generated good results.

  3. • Let the agency knows exactly about your requirements: An organization must in advance tell the staffing company about what kind of staffing requirements that it needs. For instance, whether it requires permanent employees, contract to hire employees or temp to hire etc so that the staffing organization can make necessary arrangements in this regard. The concerned organization is required to give a clear picture about its business activities and what type of abilities it is looking in candidates to recruit them as its employees. • Asking some references and contacting the head of the staffing firm: A firm looking to hire the services of a staffing group must try to meet the owner of the staffing company by sending its top HR-executive to talk to the head or boss of the staffing agency to understand about the business intricacies of the staffing agency. It is not advisable to depend on the subordinates or agents of the concerned staffing firm. Going in for references is best method to know about the agency.

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