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Latin America Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Latin America Training

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Latin America Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin America Training

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  1. Latin America Training

  2. ROSS ElectrodesTraining

  3. ROSS Electrodes • Premium pH electrode available • Specially formulated reference system provides quickest response at temperature changes • Offer less drift and greater stability than other pH electrodes • Double junction reference system • Can be used with biotech & TRIS samples • Ability to use different fill solutions based on sample composition • Environmentally friendly • Also available as Triode

  4. ROSS Electrode Specifications • Drift: Less than 0.002 pH units/day, minimizes restandardization • Accuracy of measuring a pH 6.86 buffer after standardization at 25°C: Accurate within 0.03 pH for buffer at any temperature between 0-100°C using automatic temperature compensation. • Speed of response in 6.86 buffer going from 25° C to 75°C: Response stable to 0.01 pH within 30 seconds. • Speed of response between 6.86 and 4.01 buffers at 25°C: Response stable to 0.002 pH within 15 seconds. • Precision: 0.01 pH • Triode temperature accuracy: Accurate to +/- 1o C within 2 minutes

  5. ROSS Temperature Response • ROSS reference system uses iodide/iodine which is water soluble. ROSS reference system is independent of temperature changes. • Platinum in reference system prevents junction problems caused in conventional electrodes by temperature changes

  6. ROSS pH Electrode Families • Standard ROSS electrodes • Wide variety to choose from • Meets all ROSS specifications • 12 month warranty • Available with BNC connectors, screw caps and US standard connectors • ROSS Sure-Flow • Unique free flowing junction prevents clogging • 3 models to choose from • Available mostly as BNC connector, but also EDIN • ROSS Ultra • Improved reference system • Less drift than standard ROSS models • Available with BNC only • 24 month warranty

  7. ROSS pH Electrode Families • ROSS Ultra Triodes • Newest Line of ROSS • Only ROSS available as a low-maintenance electrode • 4 models as epoxy refillable • 4 models as epoxy gel • 1 model to soon be released as glass refillable • Different connectors for thermistor to fit different meters • PerpHecT ROSS • For use with LogR meters • Utililize glass pH membrane to measure temperature • Temperature accuracy of 0.5oC • Variety of models available • Available only with BNC connector • ROSSMicro • 1 model with BNC connector • For small sample size • Also can be used with LogR meters

  8. Reference junctions Used in ROSS Electrodes • Ceramic – Used in most glass refillable electrodes • Glass fiber – Used in most refillable epoxy electrodes • Glass Capillary – New junction! Used in new ROSS gel triode

  9. Reference junctions Used in ROSS Electrodes • Sure-Flow – Glass to glass or glass to epoxy junction • Glass sleeve – Specialty electrode, used in 8162SC

  10. Electrode Connectors – • BNC Connector • Waterproof BNC • US Standard Connector • Screw Cap Electrode • Pin Tip Connector • (for reference half cell)

  11. 800300 Sure Flow Reference Electrode 8101BNWP pH Half Cell ROSS Half Cell Electrodes – Standard & Ultra • 800500U • ROSS Ultra Reference Electrode

  12. 8102BN Standard size 120 X 12mm 8103BN Semi-Micro 6mm tip Standard ROSS Line – Glass Electrodes 8163BNWP Spear tip For piercing, cheese, fruits 8162SC Fixed glass sleeve titration joint 14/15 8104BN Rugged bulb

  13. Standard ROSS Line – Epoxy Electrodes 815600 Standard size for more rugged use 8115BN Semi-Micro 6mm tip 8135BN Flat surface For agar gel plates, cheese & meats

  14. ROSS Sure-Flow Electrodes 8175BNWP Epoxy body Semi-micro 8mm tip Has replaceable bulb guard 8165BNWP Epoxy Body Standard size 120 X 12 mm Has replaceable bulb guard 8172BNWP Glass Body Standard size Has replaceable bulb guard

  15. PerpHecT ROSS Line 8272BN Glass Body Sure-Flow Has replaceable bulb guard 8235BN Epoxy body Flat surface For moist surfaces 8256 Epoxy body Standard size 8203BN Glass Body Semi-Micro 6mm tip 8220BNWP Glass Body Micro tip 3mm diameter 8202BN Glass body Standard size 120 X 12mm

  16. ROSS Ultra Electrodes 8156BNUWP Epoxy Body Standard Size 8115BNUWP Epoxy body Semi-micro 8mm tip 8135BNUWP Epoxy Body Flat Surface Standard Size 8103BNUWP Glass Body Semi-Micro 6mm tip 8104BNUWP Glass Body Rugged bulb 8102BNUWP Glass body Standard size 120 X 12mm

  17. ROSS Ultra Epoxy Body Refillable Triodes • Four models to accommodate different meters • Faster temperature response that Ag/AgCl triodes • Only ROSS electrodes not to have a coil • 24 month warranty • Performs extremely well in clean water samples • Able to stand up to TRIS buffers with no effect on reference junction • 8157BNUMD – For Star meters, 1 meter cable • 8157UWMMD – For Star meters, 3 meter cable • 8157BNU – For A+ meters, 1 meter cable • 8257BNU – For PerpHecT meters, 1 meter cable

  18. Orion Refillable ROSS Ultra Triode Strengths • Placement and small-diameter design of the Orion ROSS Ultra Triode thermistor makes the temperature response fast and accurate. • The ROSS reference system makes the electrode pH response very accurate, fast, and reproducible at elevated temperatures and after use in elevated temperatures. • Junction testing shows the linear flow glass fiber reference junction performs well: has low stir potential and accurate response upon changing the ionic strength of the sample. It does not clog when soaked in Tris Buffer solution. • The epoxy body is durable and protects the glass bulb from damage • The refillable Orion ROSS Ultra Triode is the star performer in clean water samples (tap and DI tested) – fast, stable, accurate. • Even when cycled with a strong acid, strong base, and high ionic strength pH buffer 6.86, response is quick, stable, and accurate. • It also performs well in Tris Buffer at 37C and in creamy salad dressing at 35C.

  19. ROSS Ultra Epoxy Body Low-Maintenance Triodes • Four models to accommodate different meters • Faster temperature response that Ag/AgCl manuals • Only ROSS electrodes not to have a coil • Only low-maintenance ROSS electrodes • Superior performance to competitors in low ionic strength solutions • More accurate and stable than competitors electrodes at • temperature extremes • 18 month warranty • 8107BNUMD – For Star meters, 1 meter cable • 8107UWMMD – For Star meters, 3 meter cable • 8107BNU – For A+ meters, 1 meter cable • 8207BNU – For PerpHecT meters, 1 meter cable

  20. Competitive Comparison of Gel ROSS Ultra™ Triode in Low Ionic Strength Standard Low Ionic Strength Standard has expected pH value of 4.005 at 0oC to 30oC The Gel ROSS Ultra Triode has superior performance in the low ionic strength solutions; it demonstrated better accuracy and response time than the other electrodes

  21. pH Response in pH 4 Buffer at Different Temperatures Two ROSS Gel Triodes read close to each other and close to the expected values at about 10oC, 55oC, and again at 23oC. Brand B is good except at cold temp., when readings deviated from the expected value (about 0.05 pH). Brand C is less accurate when reading buffers at different temperatures; it has large deviations at cold temp (about 0.2 pH) and after return to RT (>0.1pH).

  22. Temperature Response at ~55C ROSS Triodes are faster at elevated temperature: they reached stable temp. readings in 30 seconds. It takes about 2 min. for Brand B and more than 5 min. for Brand C electrode to reach stable temperature readings at ~ 55C.

  23. ROSS Ultra Glass Triode • Just released in July 2010 • 1 model for Star meters, 8302BNUMD • First Orion glass triode • Temperature response faster than most glass triodes on market • New ceramic junction

  24. ROSS Electrodes Thank you to Gayle Gleichauf and Nadia Vilissova for graphs and competitive testing data of ROSS refillable and low maintenance Triode Thank you!