History of the toilet
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History Of The Toilet. By:Katherine Hahn 4-3-13. Going Inside. Harappan citizens built the earliest known indoor toilets The did not flush This plumbing system was lost when the region was invaded in 1500 BC. Royal Flush.

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History of the toilet

History Of The Toilet

By:KatherineHahn 4-3-13

Going inside
Going Inside

  • Harappan citizens built the earliest known indoor toilets

  • The did not flush

  • This plumbing system was lost when the region was invaded in 1500 BC

Royal flush
Royal Flush

  • Plumbers on Crete installed the worlds first flush toilet for the queen

  • This was in 1500 BC

  • An earthquake destroyed this technology and it took until 1400 AC to be redeveloped

Really public bathrooms
Really Public Bathrooms

  • Cloaca Maxima: enormous sewer system in Rome made in 800BC

  • They were public toilets

  • 11,000 seats lined up with no privacy

  • Wipe with a shared sponge

This job is the pits
This Job Is The Pits

  • By 1300 AD Europeans are using outhouses

  • Outhouse: Seat over a deep hole in the ground

  • Richard Raker: English outhouse cleaner who drowned in his own excrement cleaning his outhouse

Heads up
Heads Up

  • 1500s European city dwellers went to the bathroom indoors in to a bowl

  • When it was full they would toss the contents out the window

  • They would yell ‘Gardy-loo!’ as a warning

A charming idea
A Charming Idea

  • Joseph Gayetty: From New York introduced toilet paper in 1857

  • Each sheet had his signature on it

  • Before people would use anything they could find

Bathroom reading
Bathroom Reading

  • 1672 a chamber pot was invented that was disguised as a stack of books

  • Used if you didn’t want to leave the library to use the bathroom

  • Popular model of chamber pots in France

Stop making scents
Stop Making Scents

  • Alexander Cummings: Invented the S-trap in 1775

  • S-trap: valve that keeps the bowl filled with water

  • Birth of the modern day flush toilet

  • Kept odor from being let out

Sculptured seats
Sculptured Seats

  • ThomsTwvford: Invented the Unitas or the first once piece toilet in 1885

  • They were ceramic toilets that caught on quickly

  • Covered with elaborate decorations and shapes, especially animals

Minding your business
Minding Your Business

  • The Matsushita Electronic Industrial Company of Japan made a high-tech toiled

  • Measures your weight and body fat content with chemical sensors that analyze your output and form info on your heath

  • Will be released in a few years

Runs on sun
Runs On…Sun?

  • California Institute of Technology invented the solar powered toilet

  • It recycles water and breaks down human waste into storable energy

  • First totally green toilet to be made