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Edmonton, Alberta June 19, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Edmonton, Alberta June 19, 2008

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Edmonton, Alberta June 19, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Edmonton, Alberta June 19, 2008. Canadian Energy Update. Chuck Szmurlo Vice President, Alternative & Emerging Technology Enbridge Inc. Covenas. OCENSA. Bogot á. Enbridge Overview. Spain. Colombia.

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Edmonton, Alberta June 19, 2008

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Presentation Transcript
Edmonton, Alberta

June 19, 2008

Canadian Energy Update

Chuck Szmurlo

Vice President, Alternative & Emerging Technology

Enbridge Inc.








  • Enbridge Inc. is a leader in energy transportation and distribution in North America and internationally:
  • Owns and operates the world’s longest crude oil and products pipeline system
  • Owns and operates Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company
  • Interest in 80,000 km of pipelines
  • Delivers 2 MM B/D of liquids
  • Handles 5 BCF/D of gas
  • Net wind power capacity of 215 MW
  • Employs 5000 people
co 2 transportation strategic drivers
CO2 Transportation Strategic Drivers

The public increasingly sees global warming as the cause of calamities

Pine beetles

Weather phenomena

Flooding and drought

Industry (particularly energy) is perceived as

The largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions

Financially capable of a remedy as a consequence of high energy prices

Legislation will likely mandate direct action

Dissatisfaction with overseas offsets

Potential for carbon tax

CO2 credit costs to exceed $15/tonne

CCS for new 2012 oil sands and coal facilities

EOR and Sequestration not always proximate to major emissions

co 2 sequestration pilots
CO2 Sequestration Pilots

Alberta Saline Aquifer Pilot (ASAP)

Enbridge, EPCOR and PTAC launched November, 2007

29 participants

Government funding identified

  • Project Aquistore-Saskatchewan
    • Petroleum Technology Research Centre
asap project description
ASAP Project Description

Phase 1: 2008, $750,000 (Participants $20k/each, Federal & Provincial)

Identify 3 specific saline aquifer locations

Design and cost (± 30%) a sequestration demonstration including CO2 compression and transportation

Prepare preliminary application for saline lease/permit and approval for demonstration pilot

Phase 2: 2009/12, $30 - $50MM (Technology Funds, Participants, Western Economic Dev., Federal & Provincial)

Construct & operate demonstration pilot (1000 - 3000 tonnes/day)

Phase 3: 2013, $100 - $200MM (Operators for commercial return)

Expand to commercial operation

co 2 slurry pipeline
CO2 Slurry Pipeline

Deliver petcoke to SGAD operations and displace natural gas for steam operation

Petcoke to Ft. Saskatchewan to provide hydrogen for refineries and upgraders from coke gas-fires

Deliver petcoke/sulphur and limestone to rail junctions to access world markets




98+% C02 Source


Sequestration Site


CO2 pipelines to EOR and sequestration a likely outcome

Must integrate sequestration with EOR

Saline aquifers best for large volume sequestration

Useful work for CO2 could be key to offsetting CCS costs

Slurry Pipelines delivering coke, limestone and sulphur could be a viable alternative for Ft. McMurray’s CO2 transportation