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July 2011. we’re helping to create well trained care staff. introducing the sector route-way for social care. What do we mean by sector route-way?.

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July 2011

we’re helping to create well trained care staff

introducing the sector route-way for social care

What do we mean by sector route way
What do we mean by sector route-way?

The process that employment/careers advisers can use to help unemployed people gain the skills and confidence they need to move into entry level jobs in the adult social care sector.

Three key elements
Three key elements:

  • The partnership approach

  • The toolkit for employment/careers advisers

  • The 60-hour pre-employment course

The partnership approach
The partnership approach

Recruitment / employment support

Care sector link

Skills support

Partnership working is critical
Partnership working is critical

  • The sector route-way for adult social care will not work unless effective local partnerships are built.

  • Evidence from other sectors also suggests that a dedicated co-ordination role is also critical to success.

What do we mean by the route way toolkit
What do we mean by the route-way toolkit?

  • A set of resources that have been designed specifically for use by staff at Jobcentre Plus and at other organisations offering careers/employment support.

  • It consists of a guidance document with links to other resources and a series of accompanying leaflets.

  • It is available to view or download from www.skillsforcare.org.uk/caresectorrouteway

What is in the route way toolkit
What is in the route-way toolkit?

  • An introduction to the social care sector.

  • An overview of the route-way principles and process.

  • Guidance and resources to help Jobcentre Plus and other careers/employment support providers with:

    • marketing & promotion

    • recruitment & selection

    • transition into sustained employment

What about the route way course
What about the route-way course?

The 60-hour course will be delivered over 4, 5 or even 6 weeks so that learners get chance to absorb new information and reflect on what they have learned.

It leads to a level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care, made up of 5 level 1 units.

These units are the absoluteminimum that should be covered and we expect training providers to respond flexibly to the needs of individual learners and potential employers when designing each course.

What does the course cover
What does the course cover?

Throughout the course, learners will:

  • develop their communication and employability skills

  • learn about the values and principles that are central to all types of work in the social care sector

  • learn about the different types of job opportunities and career development options that are available

    They should have a real feel for the social care sector by the time they complete the course.

How does the route way fit with everything else
How does the route-way fit with everything else?

The Work Programme


Sector-based work academies


For further information contact
For further information contact:

Helen Simpson,

Skills for Life & Employability Programme Head


0151 494 9128

07970 383 789