important thinker of sociology max weber n.
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Important thinker of Sociology: Max Weber PowerPoint Presentation
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Important thinker of Sociology: Max Weber

Important thinker of Sociology: Max Weber

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Important thinker of Sociology: Max Weber

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  1. Important thinker of Sociology: Max Weber By:AmalHajiafrah

  2. Brief Biography Max Weber • Max Weber Born April 21 1864 Germany, died June 14, 1920, Munich • Max Weber is a German sociologist and a political economist. Max was a impulsively hard-working scholar who suffered from occasional nervous collapses.

  3. Background Information • Weber is famous for his divisive work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Weber helped establish the basics and foundation for modern day society

  4. Max Weber’s Theories • He showed that class conflict is not only the driving force of history however politics and religion are also important sources of historical change. Theory of rationalization • Weber argued that there are four types of rationality: practical, theoretical, formal, and substantive • “Weber argued that rationalization is a long-term historical process that has transformed the modern world”. •  The most concerning for Weber was processes of formal and substantive rationalization, Weber argued that rationalization has occurred in many spheres, including the economy, law, religion, politics, the city, and art.

  5. Weber’s types of Rationalization • Weber has four types that surround and make up rationalization: Rationalization Stages • Practical • Theoretical • Formal • Substantive

  6. How does knowledge grow? • Due to the research and work that Max Weber put into sociology we are able to know what rationalization is and we are able to know how capitalism comes into religion, such as the Protestant Christians. • Weber expressed rationalization with the four stages to help explain what it is also he beleived that those types are other forms of rationalization: practical, theoretical, formal, and substantive.

  7. How does Weber’s theory impact society • Max Weber helped build and contribute to our sociological points of view and perspectives to the nature of social change and to the balance and nature of social inequality.

  8. Conclusion • Over all Max Weber is a well known and beloved sociologist and he has helped contribute a lot to our perspectives of social change. • His work is world recognized and people still respect and study his work till this day.

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