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Henley 2012

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Henley 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Henley 2012. We are a very distinctive business school. The programmes we run and the research we do are defined by our adoption of three values: Values are as important as value

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Henley 2012

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    1. Henley 2012

    2. We are a very distinctive business school • The programmes we run and the research we do are defined by our adoption of three values: • Values are as important as value • We have leading edge work in reputation and responsibility, the Centre for Board Effectiveness first president was Sir Adrian Cadbury who remains a major supporter, this is a core part of our leadership development programmes and AMP • The art of management is as important as the science of business • We believe that you need experience to reflect upon before you can learn how to lead and manage people and organisations. We are a management college not just a business school, personal development plays a big part in our MBA programmes. • We believe that what differentiates effective management is the ability to evaluate issues critically and spot the areas on which to focus energy and resources and our programmes aim to develop these skills specifically • Experience of practice is as important as the learning of theory. • Our programmes are all based around the principle of application to learn, 98% of our qualification students study and work at the same time so we have developed ways of ensuring they can apply what they learn immediately; our research whilst academically robust is relevant to practice • We are the UK’s only independent graduate business school. • We deliver a relationship with the learner for life • We are the world’s third largest provider of MBA education • We are a major success story for UK plc – we have just won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade

    3. By 2012 we will have built on this to be • The leading institution in Europe in those areas that are of real concern to managers in all sectors and on all continents. • A leader in how experienced, mature managers learn. • Known internationally for our thinking on management. • Recognised as the school for executives and aspiring executives - a niche player – no undergraduates, no pre-experience graduates just mature, experienced managers the vast majority of whom will be at work. • A leader of our industry on the use of technology, on learning processes and methods, and on innovative ways to engage with our target population. • A magnet for all those who want to change how management is practised today. Each of these will have an associated metric, however overall we will measure this a success if we are judged by 75% of our consumers and customers to be in the top quartile of our European peer group – see appendix

    4. We have the foundations already in place • The Vision builds on current areas of focus: • HR Centre of Excellence • The Madejski Centre for Reputation • Centre for Board Effectiveness • CRM Centre of Excellence • Leadership & Emotional Intelligence • Knowledge Management • Project Management MBA • Information Systems Research • Future Work Forum • European Union funded work on SMEs • Henley Evaluation of Learning Methods • Strategic Marketing MSc for Microsoft

    5. Our case for support will be built on three key points about Henley • Like its US counterparts it is an independent educational establishment; unlike them, it has no established endowment through which to fund its work and development • Like its European counterparts it is focused on the art of management as much as on the science of business; unlike them its focus will continue to be entirely on the mature, experienced manager – the average age of executives coming to Henley is 35. • Like some of its UK counterparts it achieves a high performance impact; unlike them it receives no government subsidy

    6. And will be focussed on investing in five unique assets Our Site Our People Our Independence Our Learning Know-How Our Networks

    7. Our People Vision • Faculty renowned among practicing managers worldwide for their informed, innovative thinking on management choices. A focus in some key areas that cement this reputation. To do this we will have: • Endowed Schools with Named Chairs in at least three key areas. Currently the priorities would be: Reputation, Leadership, Growth, Knowledge Management and IT. The level of endowment set to attract global influencers. • Endowed Research Centres of Excellence in key areas identified as relevant to management in the 21st Century. Currently our priorities are: HRM, customer management, project management, voluntary/public sector management and innovation. • Endowed Fellows to drive our research in the key areas where we want to build a world-class reputation

    8. Our Learning Know-How Vision • An e-learning platform and portal at the leading edge of technology. An advanced communications infrastructure. Learning services supporting the latest in podcasting, synchronous conferencing, advanced search technology and the presentation of high quality tools, techniques and good practices – the development of learning support tools such as ‘The Voice’. This space is particularly attractive for the development of one or two key strategic partnerships. • An enhanced Library facility supporting an increased range of databases, journals, books. This requires greater physical space as well as an endowment that supports material acquisition and access – this is linked to the development of the Site

    9. Our Site Vision • Our Site Vision has two elements – a must have element to deliver 2012 and a longer term vision should funding be available. They are both included in the outline development plan presented to the National Trust and the District Council: • 2012: • A major re-development of the North Side of the Site that addresses and relieves issues associated with parking, new bedrooms, new teaching facilities. • The building of a new quadrangle to replace the Anniversary Buildings in which will be sited the new expanded Library facility and space for some of the new research centres. • Longer Term: • The purchase of the land between the West Lodge and the College barrier from the Hambleden Estate and preservation of this land for the long term to National Trust standards. (Subject to our funding priorities and Lottery funding potential). • A redevelopment of Paddock House into a state of the art recreation centre in an environmentally friendly and sustainable building. This will offer facilities to disadvantaged groups promoting inclusivity and accessibility to enhance our charitable status even further. (Subject to our funding priorities and Lottery funding potential).

    10. Development Plan Development Plan

    11. “The Estate” Development Plan

    12. Development Plan

    13. Development Plan

    14. Our Network Vision • A fully funded, active and engaged alumni network across the globe that cements the relationship between programme members and the College and that builds a culture of giving to support key projects • The purchase or long leasing of a central London base to deliver our Executive Evening MBA Programme, short courses and other products in what is one of the key markets in Europe. This will create a learning and network centre –possibly linked to a provider of development support such as business coaching- outside of what is currently available in a much more traditional ‘club’ format. • The development of a physical and intellectual presence in South Africa to exploit the position we have already established as the only provider of internationally recognised management education in Southern Africa. • The development of 2-3 European Hubs to drive our complete offer to corporates and individuals alike

    15. Our Independence Vision • Achieving our RDAP through the building of greater research activity and our standing with key decision makers. • Establishing the College as the home of the National Collection of Management Papers. Developing a proposal for lottery funding for a national collection of papers of former CEOs and Chairmen of major corporations. This might be able to help fund the new library building as it would be co-located. This would reinforce our standing as the school for executives. • Achieving the ‘culture of giving’ generating a significant stream of ‘free funds’ income • Together these will secure our long-term institutional independence

    16. There will be choices and options for funding depending on what attracts potential donors

    17. Products • There will be a range of products and projects attached to the case for support, the major ones being: • There will be an opportunity for a single benefactor donation to cover the full vision in return for naming the College ; ‘The xxxxx College of Management at Henley’ (in excess of £20m) • Endowed Schools: ‘The xx school of xxxxx’ (£2.5m) • Endowed Centres of Excellence: ‘The xx centre for xx’ (£1.5m) • Endowed Chair ‘ The xx chair of xx’ (£1m) • North Site Conference Centre (£4m, centre, £7m centre and bedrooms, £10m including Parking and Tunnel) • New Quadrangle (including Library - £2.5m) • Library (£2m) • Technology partner (In kind) • E- Learning partner (In kind) • Scholarships & Bursaries – both research and development (unspecified) • We can use our charitable status to reduce the cost to the donor, e.g. a corporation gifting us over a 5 year period an endowed school would cost about £250,000pa.

    18. Workstreams • Programme direction and management (Development Committee) • Communication strategy, prospect strategy, product portfolio, liaison and utilisation of governors and other programme supporters, reporting to F&GP and The Court • Prospecting (Development Office) • Research, positioning, approach management and gift management • Product Presentation and Communication (Business Development & Marketing) • Communication mix, product presentation, PR management • Event Management (Development Office) • Event identification, planning and execution to raise College profile and to generate ‘success’ stories around gifts • Alumni Development (Alumni Office) • Generation of new Alumni activity and engagement, communication to alumni of the programme and gifting opportunitites, progressing alumni prospects • Investment in Fundraising (Executive Committee) • Agreement to invest £0.7m over three years in development office. This year F&GP confirmed level is £0.2m.

    19. IMD INSEAD London Business School ESADE Erasmus Business School IESE Cranfield Warwick Ashridge Said Business School (Oxford) Judge Institute (Cambridge) Bocconi Business School HEC Open University Business School Copenhagen Business School Stockholm School of Economics St Gallen ESMT CEDEP Duke Vlerick Leuven Gent Manchester Business School Cass School of Business (City University) Center for Creative Leadership Tanaka School of Business (Imperial) Appendix – Proposed Peer Group