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Station #2: Poisons/Household

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Station #2: Poisons/Household - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Station #2: Poisons/Household. Hazardous chemicals can be found in your house. Some can be harmful or fatal if ingested; others can cause severe irritation.

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Station #2: Poisons/Household

Hazardous chemicals can be found in your house. Some can be harmful or fatal if ingested; others can cause severe irritation.

  • ·Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill bugs and other pests. They can be absorbed through the skin or by breathing the fumes. Some can affect the nervous system and can make it hard to breathe.
    • Keep them away from children and animals and read the directions carefully before use.
  • ·Windshield washer solution and antifreeze are poisonous to humans and pets.
  • Windshield washer solution can cause blindness and death if swallowed. Antifreeze can cause kidney failure and death if swallowed.
  • ·Iron Pills are very dangerous for children. Children may begin vomiting blood or having bloody diarrhea within the hour.
  • ·Medicines are okay in the right amount for the right person. They can be dangerous for children who take the wrong medicine or swallow too much. 
  • ·Alcohol, when ingested by children, can cause seizures, comas, or even death. Mouthwash, facial cleaners, and hair tonics can have as much alcohol in them as alcoholic beverages!

·Cleaning Productscan cause chemical burns, which can be just as bad as burns from fire. These include drain openers, toilet bowl cleaners, rust removers, and oven cleaners.

·Hydrocarbons include gasoline, kerosene, lamp oil, motor oil, baby oil, lighter fluid, furniture polish, and paint thinner.

These liquids are easy to choke on if someone tries to swallow them. If that happens, they can go down the wrong way, into the lungs instead of the stomach. If they get into the lungs, they make it hard to breathe and can also cause lung inflammation (like pneumonia).

***Hydrocarbons are among the leading causes of poisoning death in children*** 

Written by Kathy Dougherty

Created by Michelle Horner