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The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice. Act 1. Depression strikes Merchant. 1. How does Antonio describe his sadness?. He does not know where it comes from. It makes him sad. 2. What reason does Salerio and Solanio give for Antonio’s sadness?. He is worried about his merchandise at sea.

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The Merchant of Venice

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  1. The Merchant of Venice Act 1

  2. Depression strikes Merchant

  3. 1. How does Antonio describe his sadness? • He does not know where it comes from. • It makes him sad.

  4. 2. What reason does Salerio and Solanio give for Antonio’s sadness? • He is worried about his merchandise at sea.

  5. 3. What could happen to Antonio’s ships at sea? • Strong winds can destroy them. • Run aground on sandbanks. • Run into rocks.

  6. 4. Say in your own words what Gratiano says when he sees Antonio for the first time? • You don’t look well. You take life too seriously. If you worry too much you will loose everything. You look very different.

  7. 5. How does Gratiano want to help Antonio? • Make him laugh by acting like a comedian.

  8. 6. What is Bassanio’s plan to make money? • He wants to marry Portia who inherited a lot of money.

  9. 7. How will Antonio help Bassanio? • Bassanio can borrow money in Antonio’s name from anybody in Venice.

  10. Female Millionaire entertains strange suitors Act 1, Scene 2

  11. 1. Why is it strange that Portia should be troubled? • She is very rich and should be happy.

  12. 2. What predicament does Portia find herself in? • She can not choose or refuse who must marry.

  13. 3. What did the will of Portia’s father say? • Whoever chooses the casket with Portia’s picture in it, may marry her.

  14. 4. Name the people who already came to court Portia. • The Prince from Naples • Count Palatine • Monsieur Le Bon • Falconbridge, Baron from England • Scottish Lord • Duke of Saxony’s nephew

  15. 5. Which suitor made an impression on Portia? • Not one.

  16. 6. Who was announced at the door? • The Prince of Marocco

  17. 7. What does Portia compare the Neapolitan Prince with? • A horse

  18. 8. What joke does she make about his mother? • The Prince’s mother must have slept with a blacksmith, that is why the prince likes horses.

  19. 9 What does the Count do all the time? • Frown

  20. 10. How does he react to funny tales? • He shows no emotion.

  21. 11. How will he be when he is old? • He would be crying all the time.

  22. 12. How does Portia describe Monsieur le Bon? • He must be a man because God made him a man.

  23. 13. How does Monsieur le Bon brag? • He has a bigger horse, a bigger frown. He is always better than somebody else.

  24. 14. What would happen if she marries him? • It would be as if she married twenty husbands.

  25. 15. Why doesn’t she understand the Baron of England? • He only speaks English, no Italian or Latin.

  26. 16. How is he dressed? What is funny about his clothes? • He wears strange clothes. • His jacket comes from Italy, his tights from France, his cap from Germany and his behaviour from everywhere else.

  27. 17. How does he feel about the English? • He will take revenge on the English.

  28. 18. What is his drinking habit and how does he behave? • He is sober in the morning but drunk in the evening. • When he is sober he is rude and when he is drunk he behaves like a beast.

  29. 3000 Ducats for a pound of flesh Act 1 Scene 3

  30. 1. How much money did Bassanio want to borrow from Shylock? • 3000 ducats

  31. 2. What insurance did Bassanio give Shylock that he will be paid? • Antonio will pay the debt.

  32. 3. How do you know Antonio was very rich? Make a list of all the ‘irons’ he had in the fire. • He has ships going to: • India • Tripolis • England • Mexico

  33. 4. Why would Shylock not eat with Antonio and Bassanio? • Shylock is Jewish and does not eat pork.

  34. 5. Why does Shylock hate Antonio? • Antonio is a Christian • He lends out money without asking interest. • Antonio has insulted Shylock. • Antonio has spat on Shylock. • Antonio has kicked Shylock and called Shylock a dog. • Antonio insulted the Jewish race.

  35. 6. Why will Antonio borrow money this time? • He wants to help Bassanio

  36. 7. For which reason does Antonio say must Shylock lend him the money? • Antonio is his enemy so if Antonio cannot repay the sum of money Shylock will not pity him when Shylock must punish him to get the money.

  37. 8. Under which conditions will Shylock lend Antonio the money? • Shylock will cut a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body if Antonio can not repay the 3000 ducats in three months’ time. Shylock will ask no interest.

  38. 9. Why is Antonio not worried about the terms? • Antonio’s ships will return a month before he has to repay the debt.

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