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MRI SAFETY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MRI SAFETY. Closed MRI Main Hospital, Medical Mall, & Cape Fear. Open MRI Main Hospital. MRI picture Head & Neck. MRI Picture of Skull. MRI picture Circulatory System. MRI Safety. Definition: Magnetic Resonance Imaging What does it do?

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mri safety7
MRI Safety
  • Definition:
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • What does it do?
    • It uses the magnetic field to project images onto a TV screen and can give cross-sections of the body to locate irregularities or disease.
mri safety precautions
MRI Safety Precautions
  • MRI magnet room is extremely powerful. The magnetic will bring all magnetic metal toward it, sometimes at high speed.(On August 2, 2001 a child was killed because a care giver brought in an oxygen tank on the stretcher, it flew into the center of the magnet where the child was lying)
  • Leave any metal object outside of the building.
  • Check with MRI Operator if access is needed in the room with the magnet.
magnet quenching
Magnet “Quenching”
  • The donut shaped, closed magnet is actually surrounded by a container that contains liquid helium. This can be released by the technician if something or someone is “sucked up” into the magnet.
  • Quenching poses a unique risk in that it will replace the oxygen with inert helium. This will suffocate anyone in the room. If the alarm goes off leave the room immediately and do not breathe until outside.
general mri safety
General MRI Safety
  • Do not go into the Magnet Room alone
  • Check with the manager if the room needs to be entered at night or off duty times.
  • Respect the potential for injury. It is extremely powerful!!