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George Andreopoulos , Rosemary Barberet & James P. Levine PowerPoint Presentation
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George Andreopoulos , Rosemary Barberet & James P. Levine

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George Andreopoulos , Rosemary Barberet & James P. Levine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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George Andreopoulos , Rosemary Barberet & James P. Levine .

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george andreopoulos rosemary barberet james p levine
George Andreopoulos, Rosemary Barberet & James P. Levine

George Andreopoulos is a Professor of Government and a member of the doctoral faculty of the Political Science and Criminal Justice programs at the CUNY Graduate School and University Center. He is also the Director of the Center for International Human Rights

Rosemary Barberet is an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she currently teaches a variety of courses in the undergraduate major in International Criminal Justice.

James P. Levine is the former Dean of Research and Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and has served as the Chairperson for the Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration.

victoria bond english department
Victoria BondEnglish Department

“Zora and Me is the first book endorsed by the Zora Neale Hurston Trust that was not written by Hurston herself. The buzz so far has been good: Kirkus Reviews called the 192-page mystery “absolutely outstanding.”

-- The New York Times

greg donaldson communication and theatre arts
Greg DonaldsonCommunication and Theatre Arts

“Eight years in the making, this edgy, in-depth account follows a black felon's attempt to find a new life for himself with a white woman in a small-town neighborhood. A remarkably intense read, Zebratownreveals a rhythm of life spiked with violence, betrayal, sex, and the emotional dangers created by passionate love.”

--Simon & Schuster Inc.

lisa farrington art music
Lisa FarringtonArt & Music

Professor Lisa E. Farrington is the founding Chair of John Jay’s Art & Music Department, as well as an accomplished curator, author, and art historian.

al gotay health and physical education
Al GotayHealth and Physical Education

As the Commanding Officer and Chairperson of the Physical Education Unit of the New York City Police Department, Dr. Gotay coordinated and developed self defense training for the Department.

joan hoffman economics
Joan HoffmanEconomics

Professor Joan Hoffman, Chairperson of the Department of Economics, has been teaching at John Jay since 1972. Her fields of interest are sustainable economic development and economic stratification.

peter romaniuk political science
Peter RomaniukPolitical Science

Peter Romaniuk, Assistant Professor of Political Science. He has published numerous reports and articles on terrorist financing and United Nations sanctions. He teaches courses on international relations, and terrorism and international relations.

marie linton umeh english department
Marie Linton UmehEnglish Department

Marie Linton Umeh teaches Literature of African World, American Literature, Western Literature, Writing Composition, and Research Methods at John Jay. Her critical and theoretical essays appear in books and journal around the world.

monica varsanyi political science
Monica VarsanyiPolitical Science

“This timely and significant volume provides a very strong analysis of a political debate that is relevant today and will continue to be so for the seeable future. There is a great need for it.”

—Rodolfo O. de la Garza, Eaton Professor of Administrative Law and Municipal Science, Department of Political Science, Columbia University

charles piltch karen terry
Charles Piltch & Karen Terry

Charles Piltch, Professor Emeritus, has been at John Jay College since 1972. His his primary teaching responsibility is English 250, Writing for Legal Studies, which he created.

Karen Terry, PhD, is a Professor in the Department Criminal Justice and is serving as Interim Associate Provost and Dean of Research and Strategic Partnerships. She is currently studying the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.

barry latzer david mccord
Barry Latzer & David McCord

"Given the attention paid to the death penalty by judges, lawyers and the public, I always have been surprised by the difficulty of finding a first-rate casebook to teach the subject. With this book, Barry Latzer and David McCord have admirably met that challenge.“

--Scott Sundby, Sydney and Francis Lewis Professor, Washington and Lee University School of Law

charles strozier criminal justice
Charles StrozierCriminal Justice

"This collection is remarkable in both its scope and quality. It includes the most knowledgeable voices, always rigorous and probing, on the overall subject of apocalypticism. There is no other treatment of the subject that integrates its psychological, historical, theological, and cultural dimensions.."

--Robert Jay Lifton, author of Superpower Syndrome: America's Apocalyptic Confrontation with the World and The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide

jonathan jacobs philosophy
Jonathan JacobsPhilosophy

Jonathan Jacobs is the Director of the Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics at John Jay College.

“A first rate. Jacobs’ knowledge of the issues in the contemporary moral philosophy and moral psychology assists in the unpacking and analysis of the issues in medieval moral theory and his competence and expertise shine through”

-Anthony J. Lisska, Denison University

jacoby carter philosophy
Jacoby CarterPhilosophy

Jacoby Adeshei Carter’s research interests include social and political philosophy, value theory (ethics) and pragmatism. More narrowly, his interests include contemporary philosophical discussions of war and terrorism, and the work of pragmatist figures Alain Locke and John Dewey.

desmond arias political science
Desmond AriasPolitical Science

Desmond Arias, Associate Professor of Political Science, e has published articles on the politics of crime, NGOs, social mobilization, and human rights. He teaches classes on comparative politics and comparative criminal justice.

mangai natarajan criminal justice
MangaiNatarajanCriminal Justice

Professor Mangai Natarajan is an active policy-oriented researcher who has published widely in three areas: drug trafficking; women police and domestic violence.   Her wider academic interests revolve around crime theories that promote crime reduction policy thinking.

david wolffe sociology
David WolffeSociology

David Wolffe has been an educator and guidance counselor with the New York City Board of Education for over thirty-five years. For the past six years he has been an Adjunct Lecturer at John Jay College, where he teaches Sociology of Conflict, a course in the Dispute Resolution Program. This book is based on the Anger Management Power (A.M.P.) developed by the author.

allison kavey history department
Allison KaveyHistory Department

Allison Kavey is an associate professor in the History Department at John Jay. Her academic interests include the early modern history of natural philosophy, gender, and sexuality. She teaches in History, Justice Studies, and Gender Studies.

gregory umbach history department
Gregory UmbachHistory Department

"Ask Americans for a symbol of crime and failed policy and they’ll likely name the "projects." Umbach inverts conventional wisdom, skillfully taking us where few tread–we are better for it.“

–Sudhir Venkatesh, author of Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets and American Project: The Rise and Fall of the Modern Ghetto

scott atran center on terrorism
Scott AtranCenter on Terrorism

“Talking to the Enemy is Atran’s impassioned call for evidence-based policy, but it’s also an ambitious survey of culture and violence. Research is the trump card here, played often and well.”

— David Shariatmadari, The Guardian

robert garot sociology
Robert GarotSociology

Robert Garot has published on the subject of gang identity as performance, has shown how young people in an inner-city alternative school respond to, defy, and invoke the dress code as a means of molding identity, and explored how young people in the inner-city maintain honor while avoiding violence.

dan feldman gerald benjamin
Dan Feldman & Gerald Benjamin

“…an unusual collaboration between Daniel L. Feldman, a Democrat who represented southern Brooklyn in the Assembly from 1981 through 1998, and Gerald Benjamin, a Republican and a political scientist … Both are pragmatists, preaching that the perfect is the enemy of the good.” — New York Times

maki haberfeld law police science
Maki HaberfeldLaw & Police Science

Maria (Maki) Haberfeld has conducted research in the areas of public and private law enforcement, integrity, and white-collar crime in the United States, Eastern and Western Europe and Israel.

michael wallace history
Michael WallaceHistory

The Nueva York (1613 – 1945) project has been directed by chief curator Marci Reaven of City Lore and chief historian Mike Wallace, Pulitzer Prize-winning co-author of Gotham.This is the first exhibition to explore how New York's long and deep involvement with Spain and Latin America has affected virtually every aspect of the city's development.

jayne mooney sociology
Jayne MooneySociology

Jayne Mooney’s research interests include patterns of violence, domestic violence, crime and the inner city, victimisation surveys and the experiences of the Irish community in London.

candace mccoy doctoral program in criminal justice
Candace McCoyDoctoral Program in Criminal Justice

Cops in the trenches know what good policing is, but getting there requires careful thought. Holding Police Accountable sparks such thought. It begins as a primer on the history of controlling the use of deadly force, but the reader soon discovers it covers much more.

--Brian Forst, Professor, School of Public Affairs, American University

israel rosenfield history
Israel RosenfieldHistory

Israel Rosenfield has been a Guggenheim Fellow and a longtime contributor to The New York Review of Books. A frequent speaker at international art/science events, he has written essays and satirical pieces for a number of exhibition catalogues of contemporary artists.

alisse waterston anthropology
Alisse WaterstonAnthropology

Alisse Waterston’s work focuses on the human consequences of structural and systemic violence and inequality. Her areas of specialty are urban poverty and policy issues in the U.S. related to destitution, homelessness and substance abuse, health, welfare and criminal justice.

laurie adams art music
Laurie AdamsArt & Music

“A teacher’s dream. … A far-ranging, generously sympathetic, well-illustrated, and very clear survey of contemporary concerns with theory. … Adams’s clear, accurate introduction will be a godsend.”—Art Journal 

peter manuel art music
Peter ManuelArt & Music

Peter Manuel is an ethnomusicologist specializing in the musics of India, the Caribbean, and Spain, about which he has published extensively.

marcia esparza criminal justice
Marcia EsparzaCriminal Justice

Dr. Marcia Esparza research areas include state violence, genocide and memory-silence in the aftermath of mass killings. Her research experience includes her work for the United Nations’ sponsored Truth Commission in Guatemala.

catherine mulder economics
Catherine MulderEconomics

Professor Catherine Mulder, an assistant professor of economics at John Jay College, specializes in labor economics and political economy. She has been a worker advocate and labor activist for over 30 years.

simon baatz history
Simon BaatzHistory

Professor Baatz studies the history of science. His most recent book, For the Thrill of It: Leopold, Loeb and the Murder that Shocked Chicago, was a finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe Award.

gloria browne marshall law and police science
Gloria Browne-MarshallLaw and Police Science

"Gloria Browne-Marshall's Race, Law, and American Society builds on the great vision of the late great Barbara Jordan: How will America become as great as its promise?  Black courageous citizens have been at the forefront of this movement.  This book is a gem." 

—Cornel West, Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion, Princeton University

patrick collins law and police science
Patrick CollinsLaw and Police Science

Patrick Collins, is a Professor of Speech and Media Studies who has chaired three other academic departments prior to his appointment as Chair of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration. Professor Collins is also host of John Jay’s long running television program Criminal Justice Matters seen on CUNY-TV.

lior gideon law and police science
Lior GideonLaw and Police Science

Lior Gideon is currently engaged in comparative and international criminal justice research including: a needs-assessment for incarcerated female offenders; motivation assessment of jail inmates to enter and participate in jail-based treatment programs; and public opinion surveys on rehabilitation and reintegration of released offenders.

maria maki haberfeld joseph king charles a lieberman
Maria (Maki) Haberfeld, Joseph King & Charles A. Lieberman

Maria (Maki) Haberfeld is a Professor of Police Science. She has conducted research in the areas of public and private law enforcement, integrity, and white-collar crime in the United States, Eastern and Western Europe and Israel.

Dr. Joseph King has studied the history, development and centralization of the police in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Charles A. Lieberman received a Master’s in Criminal Justice from John Jay College and is working on his dissertation for a PhD in Criminal Justice at the City University of New York Graduate Center. His primary areas of research and interest are policing and terrorism.

kathleen collins library
Kathleen CollinsLibrary

Kathleen Collins is an experienced author and researcher who has studied and written about television, media history, popular culture and food. She has worked as an editorial researcher for a variety of publications including Glamour and Ladies' Home Journal.

jeffrey kroessler library
Jeffrey KroesslerLibrary

Jeffrey A. Kroessler is an associate professor in the Lloyd Sealy Library. He is the author of New York, Year by Year: A Chronology of the Great Metropolis; Lighting the Way: A Centennial History of the Queens Borough Public Library; and Historic Preservation in Queens.

larry sullivan library
Larry SullivanLibrary

Since 1995, Larry Sullivan has been the chief library administrator of the criminal justice library at John Jay College. He has published 5 books as an author, co-author or editor, including The Prison Reform Movement.

amie macdonald philosophy
Amie MacdonaldPhilosophy

Amie A. Macdonald is Assistant Professor at John Jay College where she teaches courses in political philosophy, multicultural feminism, and the philosophy of law. 

glenn corbett protection management
Glenn CorbettProtection Management

Glenn Corbett is the Chairperson of the Department of Protection Management. Currently he serves on the Fire Code Advisory Council for New Jersey and is the technical editor and a columnist for Fire Engineering Magazine.

patricia zapf psychology
Patricia ZapfPsychology

"Forensic Psychology and Law is a major contribution to the teaching of law and psychology. Roesch, Zapf, and Hart offer a timely, comprehensive, and succinct overview of the field that will offer widespread appeal to those interested in this vibrant and growing area. Outstanding.“

—Kirk Heilbrun, Ph.D., Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Drexel University

andrew karmen sociology
Andrew KarmenSociology

Andrew Karmen teaches criminal justice, criminology, victimology, crime and justice in New York City, drug abuse, delinquency, social problems, race relations, research methods, statistics and general sociology.