installing parental filter version 0 22 n.
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Installing Parental Filter Version 0.22 PowerPoint Presentation
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Installing Parental Filter Version 0.22

Installing Parental Filter Version 0.22

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Installing Parental Filter Version 0.22

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  1. Installing Parental Filter Version 0.22 By NWSP

  2. Welcome • This is a little guide to installing Parental Filter. • Parental Filter blocks pornographic material that may be inappropriate. • Parental Filter scans over 500,000 sites per request. • Parental Filter utilizes 3 different filtering methods individually and/or simultaneously. • It no perfect science but we are working on it. • Parental Filter is $free and available at • Get it now!

  3. Download it! • Before installing Parental Filter you need to download it from our download page. • Choose one of the few providers available. The first one if from the main server. If it is alpha or beta version as stated then the second link is stable.

  4. Install it! • The file you have downloaded is named ParentalFilterSetup.exe or ParentalFilterSetupAlpha.exe or ParentalFilterSetupBeta.exe , depending… • Run the file by clicking on it, it is the setup program and will place Parental Filter on your computer so you can use it. • The introduction screen recommends that you exit all Windows programs and uninstall any previous versions. To maximize the success of the installation. • Previous users should backup their copy of msmo.mdb, this is the database of banned words that can be edited by you so new sites can be added or removed. At the time of this writing there is no way to make use of the old database and databases are not backward compatible. But this is likely to change in the not to distant future. Click Next > when ready.

  5. License Agreement • This screen displays the license agreement. Parental Filter comes with a precaution. There are no warranties and we can not be held accountable for anything that may go wrong. So always backup your data. • Nothing will go wrong it just a precaution :) • It has been made so you do not have actually agree with the license agreement by checking a radio box saying I agree, because I think this kind of behavior by many software companies is very childish. Just click next. Note: I don’t want to open up my email and see lawsuits from angry individuals. • Also if you want to use Parental Filter in some way as to promote it but not profit from it, you do not have to ask permission. Assume you can before you can’t. Click Next > when ready.

  6. Installation Folder • Where on your computer do you want Parental Filter? The default is C:\Program Files\Parental Filter because that where they usually go. • Click the change button and select a new directory if you specifically want Parental Filter to run from a different location. • You may think, my children will find it there, so I will be sneaky and put in a place where they will not. Click Next > when ready.

  7. Shortcut • When you click start in Windows, and open programs, one folder will be named Parental Filter, so you can activate Parental Filter from the start menu. The following option asks what name should it be? • Again you may want to give it a different name and or place the shortcut in for example the Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools folder because it is in line with how you may organize your files. • Click the down arrow of the drop down combo box and build a suitable path. Click Next > when ready.

  8. Ready To Install! • The installer now has enough information to begin installing Parental Filter. Click next to place Parental Filter on your hard-drive. Click Next > when ready.

  9. Installing Files • Windows XP or greater will see one installation. • Windows NT/9x will see another installation because NT/9x require updated system files. • I will list the links to the files because you may want to update the files yourself but the installation is equipped to download the files based on your operating system version and update you computer. • The file requires are • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or greater • • Windows 95 • DCOM for Windows 95 • (as Microsoft • MDAC (MDAC requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ or it will not run. • • JET • • Winsock 2 • Windows 98 • MDAC (MDAC requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ or it will not run. • • JET • • All other versions of Windows should have the above components on their computers. If you want to update and ensure trouble-free computing. Here is the link to explore. •

  10. Windows All Versions The screens on your left will fly past and no action is needed on your part. This dialog screen in particular says executing file. It is executing a file named PF.exe which contains highly compressed files. Parental Filter will be use approximately 30 megabytes on your computer but to download it is only 9 megabytes because the files are compressed. This screen might take a while if you have a slow computer because the files need to be uncompressed or restored.

  11. Windows 95/98/NT specific Windows 95/98/NT require additional files which are downloaded from the web. Note: if Setup finds the files named MDAC_typ.exe & JET40SP8_9xNT.exe in the same directory as ParentalFilterSetup.exe then Setup will not download but instead use those files. Press OK to download the files. There are 2 downloads one is 5.29MB & the other is 3.69MB. Once complete the files are installed & your system will be updated & ready to run Parental Filter. Windows 95 downloads one extra file DCOM95.exe 1.17MB. Continued… on next slide

  12. Windows 98/95/NT continued… What can go wrong??? MDAC_typ.exe requires Internet Explorer 4.01 sp2 or greater. You cannot proceed unless you install the version of IE required. The last dialog give the option to download Internet Explorer and a link to the IE homepage was provided previously. MDAC/Jet issues cause the following problems. The screen on your right will be a symptom of unsuccessful MDAC/Jet installations. As you can see it goes ga ga trying to do something it cannot.

  13. Options All Versions There are several options after installation that you may want to check or uncheck as you require. • Launch Parental Filter • Do want to immediately activate Parental Filter after you click finish. You do not restart your PC. That is very childish behavior from Microsoft. • Create Start Menu Program Group • You may not want to activate Parental Filter from the start menu and not see it their, Parental Filter has the capability of totally being embedded and unseen. • Create Desktop Icon • You may not want to have an icon on your desktop. So people will not know it is their. • Show in Add/Remove programs • You may want to stop people trying to uninstall Parental Filter through the Add/Remove facility in the Windows control panel. This option is also available in Parental Filter. • Update Internet Explorer • If you want to. • Update MDAC • If you want to. • Update JET • If you want to. Click Finish > when ready.

  14. Parental Filter • Parental Filter should look like this. It is the 0.2.1 version and we are quite proud of it. • The four indicators at the bottom are the filtering methods. In this picture one is green and the other three are red. • Click the Options tab, there is a list, you can enable or disable different filtering methods to see what you most require. You can go for maximum all out protection scanning 500,000 sites. Or you may just use one method because you want to protect against accidental unintentional exposure and don’t really care about intentional exposure. It’s totally up to you. • Enjoy it!, it’s free. • Tell me about anything. • Site should be blocked but Parental Filter lets it through. • Site should not be blocked but Parental Filter blocks it. • I found a bug. • I want to give you a million dollars. etc