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Home Art Co. Ltd cares bright future environment

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Home Art Co. Ltd cares bright future environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Home Art Co. Ltd cares bright future environment. HomeArt is the byword of. Environment-friendly chemical free natural paint. W e provide chemical free favorable natural energy for human body.

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Home Art Co. Ltd cares bright future environment

HomeArtisthe byword of

Environment-friendly chemical free natural paint

We provide chemical free favorable natural energy for human body.

Our HomeArt paints are made of pure plants and dozens of high purity natural rare minerals come from Kailas Mt. in Tibet by fermentation system .




Chemical free

Natural interior/Exterior textured paint


Maintain healthy space with producing pleasant air and to block harmful substances using our accumulated technology.

A(Anion Function) B(High class / Professional) C(Normal / Professional)

  • Environment-friendly – Made o Kailas Mt. natural mineral and plants by fermentation system. No harmful substances, radiation natural fragrance and aroma therapy effect
  • Far-infrared radiation – Enhance blood circulation and generate favorable environment
  • Anion generation – Generate pleasant environment as like forest and water fall
  • Antibiotic & Deodorization – Noxious blocking and harmful toxic neutralization from cement or construction materials and interior sterilization effect
  • Resistance of flame & fire - No bunt down, no smoke, no poisonous gas
  • No evidence for poisoned with heavy metals, no volatilization organic compounds, no formaldehyde
  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 5Kg, 20Kg

Measurement of anion

Far-infrared radiation effect

Far-infrared radiation effect

Anti-biotic / Sterilization / Deodorization

Vital System – Health Bio

Anion effect

Our pure natural anion paint is excellent to natural sterilization of germ, bacteria and fungus with function of anion and far-infrared radiation


Chemical free

Natural interior/Exterior textured paint

HOMEARTPrimeEssLac [Semi-Gloss]

This paint made of fermented sweet smell nature fragrance to prevent respiratory disease as like asthma and cut off displeasure paint smell perfectly.

This paint made by environment-friendly chemical free water solubility fermentation system. You can enjoy pleasant an advantageous environment all the time during you stay.

  • Environment – friendly
  • Neutralization function for noxious
  • Generate anion
  • Antibiotic & Deodorization
  • Excellent semi-gloss effect
  • No scratch and scribbles
  • Generate Far-infrared radiation
  • Resistance to flame and fire

Strength of Product

  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 5Kg, 20Kg

HOMEART – Wall Light

It’s beyond silk wallpaper – Beautiful and mysterious effect


Chemical free

Natural interior/Exterior textured paint

  • Just use rolling brush on your diverse wall paper
  • Sweet flavor make you enjoy pleasant space
  • Different color depend on different light of direction and curve make attractive space
  • Nano transparent liquid, environment – friendly, far-infrared radiation, anion, aroma therapy effect
  • You can enjoy beneficial effect for your body & health when you use this liquid on the wall paper
  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 4Kg

It neutralize and cut off the extremely harmful earth radiation



Chemical free

Natural resistance water radiation paint

  • Neutralize earth radiation and cut off electromagnetic waves - Certified the best mark ‘AAA’ by the association of Korean earth radiation
  • Proven blood circulation improvement
  • Antibiotic & deodorization effect from anion and far- infrared radiation function
  • Sterilizer virus, bacteria and mold

Impact of earth radiation

Test result of Blood circulation

  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 20Kg

Intumescent / non-intumescent water paint


  • Flame resistance paint, Halogen free, cold resistance, heat-resistance, water- proofing, salt water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance , oil resistance, easy work using brush, roller, spray…
  • Test passed Korean standard KSC IEC60332-3 and Europe standard IEE Std 383

Cable flame resistance water paint


  • Flame resistance electrical cables for steel mill
  • Flame resistance paint for building and multiple use facilities
  • Flame resistance electrical cable and telegraph cable for ship, nuclear power plant, subway and plant factory
  • Cable, gas line, factory wall, karaoke…

Non-intrumescent : This paint cut off fire damages in advance when fire starting to spread down through electric wire. It’s essential item for a large plant building and multi use facilities.

Intumescent : This paint cut off firearms with self-rising to protect body when it catched fire heat.

This paint is particular to block and stop spreading flame.

  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 12.5Kg

This paint is the first powder paint in Korea Our technology and the secret method can’t be copy.

HOMEART Nature Powder Painting


Chemical free

Natural interior/Exterior textured paint

  • NO sick house syndrome & VOC(Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Humidity Control
  • NO heavy metal detection
  • Nonpoisonous, odorless, no preservatives
  • Anti-biotic results 99.99%
  • Produce natural micro anion
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Various usage ( Texture or adhesive)
  • No rot, Permanent preservation

A(Anion function) C(Normal Type)

  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity 5Kg, 10Kg
  • Usage : Water + Powder paint = 1:2 : Hand textured, stone, sculpture and Intumescent Paint
  • Water + Powder paint = 1:1 : 100% natural paint


[BIO photocatalyst coating]

HomeartSilkLac [ Environment Bio photocatalyst Coating] is the very first patent as natural photocatalyst anion. It’s enjoyable benefits for human body and pleasant environment. This product is colorless and odorless transparent liquid made of nonpoisonous micro natural multi mineral , natural sea mineral and Vitamin.

  • Poisonous gas decomposition – Functional Liquid ceramic cut off cement toxic outbreak and decomposing poisonous gas as like formaldehyde
  • Anti-Biotic / Germ killed – Excellent anti biotic and germ killed result due to Micro fine grains decompose cell membrane of harmful germ directly an disturb the germs electron transport system. Simi-permanent result.
  • Fungus blockade and inhibit to live or breed for cockroaches.
  • Flame resistance effect – No burn above 1200 C temperature. No poisonous gas on the fire
  • Product Usage
  • Multi function coating ( Eliminate VOC, Anti virus, Anti fungus, Control insect) for all building materials.
  • Re-painting on wood, wallpaper, tile, stone, iron, steel, cement mortar … for all existing water or oil painted materials.
  • Bring back embossing of wallpaper
  • Remodeling interior repainting place to use of the day
  • No yellowing color(Red brown, chocolate color, black and other primary color) for exterior painting
  • Functionality ( Anion, Anti-bio, Far-infrared radiation, Insulation dew condensation, Self extinguishing)
  • Prevent discoloration for treated wood, cut off harmful toxic, long lasting for natural wood and protecting coating liquid for picture
  • Available to change this liquid color using water based color paint – Auto color matching machines can be used
  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 8Kg

HOMEART SilkLac [Normal]

Silk touch feeling and maintain same touch for wood.

This lacquer is modified resin with water urethane as main ingredient and compensated the defect existing color lacquer poisonous smell and flammability

This paint is useful o protect natural wood, house and building surface from pollution and insects and to protect sick house syndRome.

  • Plastic Packing
  • Quantity – 8Kg



HOMEART Prime External

Differentiated natural ingredient

For outer wall exclusively made of natural ingredient

Easy to wash & Stand peel from heavy rain

Easy to remove out dust, graffiti and pollutant on surface of exterior wall

Neutralized 99% paint small and reduced VOC using natural ingredients

Strong adhesive power compare with exiting market product and long lasting

No powder flying from surface of wall even after 2 years

Good to use in & out of the wall for children as easy wash, anti-biotic and semi-permanent anti fungus.

Good to protect from dust and pollution from heavy rain

HOMEART EP-700 / EP-800 Epoxy

No Yellowing under the ray

Strong Solidity

Long lasting

No heavy metal

Thick with less amount

Rapid desiccation

Odorless -EP-800




Strong solidity



Long lasting


Dry faster

Anti slip


Official Approval Certificates

The best Environment-friendly product certification

Environment-friendly construction meterial certification

Recommendable Place

to use HOMEART Paint

Study room, Room for person who has Espiratory and atopic problem, smelly room, smelly room, basement room

Apartment, Government office, Public office, Personal office, Department store, Multi Complex Building

Hospital, Hotel, Children Care center, Clinic, Funeral Hall, Food factory, Food court, Society welfare hall

School, Kinder garden, Training Center, Nursing house, Library

Internet Café, Hair saloon, Animal care center, Karaoke

And for all the place and for everyone who want environment-friendly space and free from insect, dust and pollution.