Csc operations news feb 15 22
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CSC Operations news Feb.15-22. M. Ignatenko (UCLA) CSC Operation and DPG meeting CERN February 22, 2012. CSC operations news. New TF firmware with 0-data suppression format is in action. No errors have been detected in many local and global runs.

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Csc operations news feb 15 22

CSC Operations newsFeb.15-22

M. Ignatenko (UCLA)

CSC Operation and DPG meeting


February 22, 2012

Csc operations news
CSC operations news

  • New TF firmware with 0-data suppression formatis in action.

    No errors have been detected in many local and

    global runs.

  • New ALCT firmware with 0-data suppression format.

    We have not seen much difference in the results

    relative to old firmware.

Dcc ddu

  • DCC and DDU firmware test during MWGR

    We hope that they reduce the rate of event with DCC

    and DDU out of sync (had been demonstrated in the high rate

    runs with random and radioactive triggers).

    At the same time the errors were detected even in the

    night Global run with L1ca rate 770 Hz.

  • A new DDU + DCC firmware are in FED Crate 1 and 4. Old firmware is in FED Crates 2 and 3.

    a. Increase timeout to 420 usec(wait time for DDU block).

    b. L1 mismatch counter doesn’t clear on resync (but clears on

    all other reset types).

    c. Gbit link to local DAQ (Spy channel) is functioning.

    d. Eliminate garbage packet on resync in spy channel.

Csc plan for mwgr
CSC Plan for MWGR

  • TFwants

    1. To demonstrate that we can run at 105 kHz

    without getting into busy state.

    2. To demonstrate a correct response on resync

    signal during busy state.


    - Global runs at different L1ac trigger rates

    (together with pixels; mostly random triggers)

    Long night cosmics run.

    What else?

    Automatic hard reset – can be also checked.

Dcc ddu test
DCC+DDU test

“High” rate run:

45 kHz mostly randoms

CSC+DT 180 Hz cosmics - bottom only.

ME-1/1/17, ME-1/1/19

And me+1/2/06 were ~100% in error.

1 OOS in the FED 756

Eprom firmware
EPROM firmware

  • The first ALCT lost EPROM information after 3 weeks since EPROM had been downloaded.

  • No CFEBs have been detected with EPROM problem so far (1 month of monitoring).

New hardware problems
New hardware problems

  • ME-1/1/19 bad ALCT data 100%

    Under investigation.

  • ME-1/1/17 bad ALCT data ~90%.

    Under investigation.

  • ME+1/2/06 bad ALCT data ~100%

    Under investigation.

  • ME+1/2/33 ALCT trigger bit (bits) is always on – hot ALCT.

    Under investigation. Wrong trigger stamp and timing.

    Backup solution – disable ALCT trigger and use CLCT only

    (the timing must be changed).

  • ME-3/1/03 unstable behavior – up to 63% ALCT data corrupted.

    Under investigation.

  • 2 TMBs had to be replaced in the VME-3/6 (lost VME communication)?

  • 1 DMB (me-1/121) lost VME communication. Fixed.

3 3 v tmb fuses
3.3 V TMB fuses

  • At least 2 TMBs have been found where 3.3 V fuses are loose in the fuse cradles.

    This can be another reason for “big”

    voltage drop on the 3.3 V lead.

Csc background
CSC background

Noisy HV segments

ME11 background reduced ~1.5 times after 1 month of HI run and 2 months without beam.

ME41 and ME42 increased due to beam pipe shield has been removed.

Shift information
Shift information

  • Next week (Feb. 29) we are starting regular DOC shifts.

  • Our DQM regular shifts are going to start one week later on March 07 (UCLA).