tva s integrated project delivery for nuclear projects n.
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TVA’s Integrated Project Delivery for Nuclear Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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TVA’s Integrated Project Delivery for Nuclear Projects

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TVA’s Integrated Project Delivery for Nuclear Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TVA’s Integrated Project Delivery for Nuclear Projects. The Challenges of Transitioning to Long Term Major Nuclear Plant Construction Mark J. Hellstern, CAPT USN (ret) General Manager, NGDC Oversight.

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TVA’s Integrated Project Delivery for Nuclear Projects

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    1. TVA’s Integrated Project Delivery for Nuclear Projects The Challenges of Transitioning to Long Term Major Nuclear Plant Construction Mark J. Hellstern, CAPT USN (ret) General Manager, NGDC Oversight

    2. TVA’s Integrated Project DeliveryNuclear Generation Development and Construction (NGDC) Genesis and Development • Late 2007: Established NGDC and a small oversight group • April 2009 Self-Assessment: need for a project process standardization, formal governance and oversight, risk management, and process improvement. • Late Summer 2009: INPO cited a strength in the designation of NGDC to provide major construction activity separate from Nuclear Power Group Operations • November 2009: TVA stands up a Project Management Peer Team to standardize Fleet project management. • FY 2010/11: NGDC Project Manual implementation, Project management software integration, key performance indicator development, and piloting initiatives

    3. NGDC Projects Watts Bar Unit 2 - 2012 • Five year project • Budget of $2.5 Billion • Current staffing – 2,623 • Licensing process on schedule

    4. NGDC Projects Bellefonte Current Status • S-COLA for AP1000 • Construction permits reinstated • Preservation of assets

    5. NGDC Strategic Projects • Several Strategic Outage Projects to include: • Watts Bar Re-rack • Sequoyah Steam Generator replacement • Browns Ferry Extended Power Uprate (EPU) • License renewal • Modular Reactors, etc.

    6. Integrated Project Team Manual • Standardization of TVA’s project processes incorporating benchmarking of industry best practices. 42 processes. • Benchmarked NASA, U.S. Navy, CURT, CII, APQC, state DOTs, and other utilities • Incorporates regulatory, environmental, TVA, and business unit policies, procedures, and processes • Stresses team building, process improvement, self-assessment, integration, and accountability • Signed out in April 2010. Being piloted on Bellefonte and Watt’s Bar rerack projects.

    7. Safety & Environment Project Management People Project Management Performance Improvement Work Management Work Management

    8. NGDC Oversight • Standard Governance and Oversight procedures • Blocking and Tackling: • Robust, intrusive Quality Assurance Oversight • Project Assurance (cost, schedule, scope) assessments based on INPO assessment process: data analysis, observations, interviews • Knowledge/Risk Mgt with project approval process tied to risk plans. Business Planning. • Implement Knowledge Capture process with push/pull of knowledge for present and future projects

    9. NGDC Project Management Integration FY 10 Initiatives • Pilot of the Project Manual on Bellefonte/Watt’s Bar Rerack projects. • Successful implementation of behavior-based NGDC safety programs • Incorporating Primavera 6 in Bellefonte as a pilot for a Fleet solution. • Implement a mature Risk and Opportunity Management • Key Performance Indicators, which roll-up for senior management into INPO’s nine principles of construction excellence. • Approving a pilot for a wireless site at Bellefonte with electronic configuration management and work flow tools • Approval for a Fleet Knowledge Management System

    10. Project Management Integration System (PMIS) Performance KPIs/Dashboards Wireless Infrastructure Compliance Contracts Compliance Knowledge Mgt System Fleet Solution WirelessInfrastructure Project Management CostProcessor/EVMS Estimating System Fleet Solution Risk Mgt System Work People Schedule Primavera 6 HRIS ATIS Configuration Mgt eWorkplace elance Maximo eFMS Project Portfolio Powerplant - Fleet CollaborationTools(Sharepoint/Outlook) DocumentMgmt(BSL) Conceptual Design

    11. Challenges • Cultural resistance to change management • Requires consistent Senior Management focus and support for change implementation and funding • Mature work force • Accurate metrics • Changes required in owner-contractor relationships • Develop a self-critical culture focused on process • Not a self-learning organization … yet • Lack of historic knowledge management

    12. Long Term NGDC Goals • Standardized TVA Fleet project management processes • Nuclear construction conducted using BIM and extensive modular construction processes • Target a 48 mon new nuclear construction schedule • Target $$/kW overnight cost for new nuclear construction • Cradle-to-grave electronic configuration management