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ICT and climate change

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ICT and climate change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14. ICT and climate change. Ahmed Zeddam ITU-T SG5 Chairman. Highlight of Current Activities. FG on ICT&CC concluded with 4 Deliverables in March 2009. Inputs from non-ITU members (e.g., academia) were also taken into consideration

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Highlight of Current Activities

  • FG on ICT&CC concluded with 4 Deliverables in March 2009.
    • Inputs from non-ITU members (e.g., academia) were also taken into consideration
  • Mandate of SG5 was expanded at the last TSAG (28-30 April 2009)
    • New SG5 title: Environment and climate change
  • SG5 created a new WP
    • WP3/5: ICT and climate change
    • Chairman: Keith Dickerson (UK)
  • SG5 created 5 new and 1 revised Questions
  • JCA-ICT&CC was established at the last TSAG
  • ITU-R’s activities on monitoring and mitigation
  • On-going symposia for promotion
    • Kyoto (04.2008), London (06.2008), Quito (07.2009), Seoul (virtual, 09.2009)
deliverables from fg on ict cc
Deliverables from FG on ICT&CC
  • Deliverable 1: Definition
    • Defines the terms needed to analyze the major relationships between ICTs and Climate Change
  • Deliverable 2: Gap analysis and standards roadmap
    • Shows past works (done by ITU, other standard bodies, universities, etc.) and future study issues
  • Deliverable 3: Methodologies
    • Covers the assessment of ICT sector’s emission over the entire life cycle of ICT devices
    • Also covers reducing other sector’s emission by the use of ICT
  • Deliverable 4: Direct and Indirect Impact of ITU Standards
    • Provides tools and guidelines to evaluate the reduction of emission of ICT sector and of other sector by the use of ICT
wp3 5 structure
WP3/5 structure
  • Chairman: Keith Dickerson(UK)
  • Vice Chairmen: Eunsook Kim (Korea) and Takeshi Origuchi (Japan)
new and revised questions
New and revised Questions
  • Q14/5(revised): Guides and terminology on environment and climate change
  • Q17/5(new): Coordination and Planning of ICT&CC related standardization
  • Q18/5(new): Methodology of environmental impact assessment of ICT
  • Q19/5(new): Power feeding systems
  • Q20/5(new): Data collection for Energy Efficiency for ICTs over the lifecycle
  • Q21/5(continuation of Q.19/15): Environmental protection and recycling of ICT equipments/facilities
joint coordination activity jca
Joint Coordination Activity (JCA)
  • Established at the last TSAG meeting (28-30 April 2009)
  • Objectives:
    • To co-ordinate across ITU-T SGs (in particular SGs 5, 9, 13, 15 and 16), and with ITU-R and ITU-D.
    • To seek co-operation from external bodies including non-ITU member organizations
  • Convener
    • Mr. Ahmed Zeddam (France)
  • Co-convener
    • Mr. Dave Faulkner (UK)
  • Invitations for the first meeting during the next SG5 meeting (Oct. 2009) to various bodies to be sent shortly
activities within itu r 1
Activities within ITU-R (1)
  • ITU-R’s standardization role on monitoring and mitigating the effects of climate change is very closely linked with that on Emergency Communications
  • Through its responsibility for international spectrum management, ITU-R provides interference-free spectrum and satellite orbits for climate monitoring
  • Cooperates with UN agencies (e.g. WMO) and international and national organizations involved with climate change
activities within itu r 2
Activities within ITU-R (2)
  • Study Groups develop Recommendations, Reports and Handbooks on
    • operation of radio systems for environmental monitoring, including climate change; e.g. ITU/WMO Handbook on “Use of Radio spectrum for meteorology: weather, water and climate monitoring and prediction”
    • facilitating the introduction and operation of low-energy systems; e.g. analogue to digital broadcasting
  • Satellite-based remote sensors (passive and active) are main tools for obtaining environmental data for climate monitoring
  • Systems belonging to
    • Earth exploration satellite service
    • Meteorological-satellite service
    • Meteorological aids service

form backbone of the

WMO Global Climate Observing System


Strategic Direction

  • Make the most of the momentum obtained during FG on ICT&CC
  • Promote collaboration with other organizations (SGs within ITU-T/R/D and other bodies)
  • Attract general interest from wider scope of people through symposia and other events


  • Since ICT&CC is related to broad range of scope, collaboration with other bodies is indispensable to progress the work effectively without duplication
  • It is important to clarify the areas which can be covered by a SG within ITU and which need collaboration with other bodies

Next Steps/Actions

  • Stimulate correspondence activities (e.g., on Universal Charging Solution) toward the next SG5 meeting (Oct. 2009) so that Contributions will be submitted appropriately
  • Identify areas which need collaboration through JCA activities
  • Plan WP/Question level meeting after the next SG5 meeting to accelerate progress


  • FG-ICT&CC deliverables:
    • http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/focusgroups/climate/index.html
  • New SG5 mandate: TD120(Gen/5)
  • Wording of New SG5 Questions: TD211R1(Gen/5)
  • Terms of reference for JCA-ICT&CC: TD121 (Gen/5)
  • ITU events on climate change:
    • http://www.itu.int/themes/climate/meetings.html