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  • Uploaded on : Drive Medical Phoenix 4 wheel lightweight mobility scooter is really a mobile scooter that combines the stability in the 4 wheel design with the simple operation and extended range, which makes it perfect for the day-to-day transport of the elderly as well as the hard-of-walking or disabled folks. A person can feel secure that this Phoenix 4 wheel lightweight personal mobility scooter is not going to let them down, neither for in-house moving, and nor for the probably everyday travels outdoors. Phoenix Four Principal Rewards Compact, Four Wheel Style A tight 4 wheel design tends to make for a fantastic compromise involving stability and ability to move flexibly. Phoenix Four delivers both equally. At home you'll be inhibited with maneuvering restricted areas. Even in the 4 wheel design, Phoenix Four will excel at that. Light-weight and compact construction will enable storing the mobility scooter in four lightweight elements in your trunk. Double The Scooter Range With The Addition Of A Battery Simply include a brand new battery pack into a stack and you will be on the way, doubling your range of drive to 25 miles! That's a lot greater than your standard walk for the grocery store! Even if the evening comes on the way back, the integrated front lights will keep your journey back home safe. Ingenious Electric Design The clever cordless battery box will enable charging the battery pack both on the mobility scooter of off.

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Drive Medical Phoenix Four Evaluation

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