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Staffigo Technical Services Reviews

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Staffigo Technical Services, LLC is an IT Consulting firm located in the Chicago area. We work with various clients in industries such as Healthcare, Finance, eCommerce & Retail and Life Sciences. Our team is an energetic and active bunch of professionals disrupting the IT Consulting industry.

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staffigo technical services reviews

Staffigo Technical Services Reviews

Who We Are

The Staffigo team comes from a diverse background that cuts right across the

spectrum of IT Staffing & IT consulting for a multitude of companies, ranging in their

needs - from some of the Fortune 500 to brand new startups. Personally, we’ve

encountered a few difficult situations in our own careers with employers, and we know

what it means be in your shoes.

Unlike most other IT staffing & IT consulting firms, we place a firm emphasis on

personal interaction. We prefer to meet with our clients to better understand their needs,

and to make sure we cover all the possible facets of what they are looking for. We use

goal oriented techniques to make sure that we maximize returns from avenues like

internet marketing, and digitally based solutions.

even with all the technological advances in today

Even with all the technological advances in today’s professional arena, we know that

nothing can truly replace that personal touch. We aim to make work life easy so that you

can focus on what’s really hard. From the time we begin working with a resource we

constantly strive to dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s to ensure their placement as soon

as possible.

Our team is both young and driven, with extensive experience in both Client Retention &

Acquisition while also building relationships with complex networking players in the US

to help your journey as an IT consultant. All of our resources that can help you through

this process, are highly engaged in the Internet Networking world, and have engaged

over 10,000 Vendors and Customers. This input will help you in actualizing ROI and

sustaining a truly competitive advantage in the fast-changing and ever evolving market

of IT Staffing & IT Consulting. We are determined to show you why choosing us over

our competitors, means great things for your bottom line. We take pride in being a

transparent, needs based organization, and are fully confident in earning your trust by

simply giving you the best we have to offer, at all times.

our values

Our Values

●To provide a healthy work environment that celebrates treating each other with

respect and dignity.

●Embracing diversity as an essential and integral component of a thriving


●Employing highest standards of excellence in staffing practices.

●Enhancing the value of our staff by providing training and encouragement to

develop themselves at every step of their career path.

●Developing bonds going beyond merely satisfying clients, by providing services

of the highest quality.

●Contributing positively to our communities and environment using sustainable


Our Mission

To simplify technology and provide the staffing support that businesses require to grow;

by matching the right talent to their specialized staffing and consulting needs, and

building rewarding careers for the professionals.

Our Quality

Quality is important to our business because we value our clients. We strive to provide

services which meet and then exceed their expectations. We are committed to

continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which

provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.