team tower change 1 thing who moved my cheese organizational physics change the writing on the wall n.
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  1. Team Tower – Change 1 thing Who Moved My Cheese? Organizational Physics & Change The Writing on the Wall TUESDAY- WEEK 1

  2. Consider your strategy from yesterday Discuss as a group what one thing you could change to be more efficient Write that change on an index card CUP TOWER

  3. Guidelines: When moving cups, no team member’s hands may cross the “plane” created by the edges of the table. All team members must be actively involved in the execution of the tower The cups may only be touched by the rubber band or the string CUP TOWER

  4. Debrief: How did you change your strategy? Was it successful? How do you know? How would you change things in the future? CUP TOWER

  5. View at: WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?

  6. Which management profile best fits each character? ORGANIZATIONAL PHYSICS

  7. Sniff is an Innovator style. He’s got the ability to sense and respond to changes happening in the environment much more quickly than the other styles. He gets excited about creating new things and likes you to get excited with him. Scurry is a Producer style. He’s got the ability to run, run, run and do the work from early to late. He gets frustrated when there are obstacles in his path and seeks to run around them or punch through them. Hem is a Stabilizer style. He’s got the ability to make things systematized and controllable. In the story, it is Hem who gets left behind because change can be seen as a really big threat to someone who excels at control and stability. Haw is a Unifier style. He’s got the ability to empathize and connect well with others. In the story, it is Haw who follows Sniff and Scurry but all the while is concerned about where Hem is and how Hem is doing. Ultimately, Haw leaves the writing on the wall for others like Hem to follow. ORGANIZATIONAL PHYSICS

  8. Sniff & Scurry LEAN INTO change and embrace it, while Hem & Haw lean backwards Ponder this – most individuals in our era must learn to embrace change since our world is changing at such a fast pace. However, can you think of times that it might be good to have a “Hem” or a “Haw” in a group? Would you rather have a group of all Sniff & Scurries or all Hem & Haws? Why? ORGANIZATIONAL PHYSICS