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Powerpoint presentation tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Powerpoint presentation tips

Powerpoint presentation tips

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Powerpoint presentation tips

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  1. Powerpoint presentation tips RSVP Lesson #13: Tips for a Successful Senior Project PowerPoint

  2. Know Your Audience Your audience is: Educators, business professionals and community members

  3. Presentation First, PowerPoint Second

  4. Building Outline • Take a piece of paper and list the key pieces needed to build an outline for your presentation. • Using the Reflection & Self-Assessment in the Senior Project Handbook on page 33 develop an outline for your speech • Also see page 38 for sample outlines • Design an outline from these questions and reflections • Type your outline into a word document and save it in your documents • On the next slide you will learn how to insert an outline into your PowerPoint

  5. Inserting Your Outline • Open Microsoft PowerPoint and save a blank PowerPoint naming it : Senior Project Presentation- Last Name • Re-open it and follow the directions: • On the Home tab click the “New Slide” • In the drop down from New Slide select “Slides from Outline” • In your documents select the outline you created for this assignment and click “insert” • You should see each of the outline topics on their own slide • Look how easy this is!!

  6. Use PowerPoint as a Visual Aid Fact: The purely visual portion of your PowerPoint presentation will be responsible for 55% of the impact you have on audience, compared to the 38% in regards to things you say, and 7% of text you quote on each slide [source: Price].

  7. Job Shadowing Various Healthcare Positions “Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I'm not selling insurance.” ― Dennis Kucinich

  8. Rehearsed Timings

  9. PowerPoint Tips • Keep it simple • Select a theme or colors that are easy to the eye • Keep all slides consistent • Use images on slides and type your speech in the notes of each slide • If you type bullet points you want to cover follow the rule below: • Use the 4 x 5 rule: Four bullets with no more than five words • No more than 10 slides in presentation (you only have 7-11 minutes) • Use animations sparingly • Keep it legible and make sure your fonts and colors are easily seen by audience • Proofread, proofread, proofread

  10. Practice, Practice, Practice • Don’t let your PowerPoint hinder your presentation • Make sure that you have practiced with PowerPoint as if you were presenting • If you have any questions or concerns about recording your PowerPoint for this assignment please contact me via email @ not through Schoology! • Do not start this lesson at the last minute or you will be sorry. I have spent a lot of time building this PowerPoint lesson and have rehearsed it several times.