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Starter: Glo-bingo PowerPoint Presentation
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Starter: Glo-bingo

Starter: Glo-bingo

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Starter: Glo-bingo

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  1. Starter: Glo-bingo • On you table….or elsewhere around the room – find 8 different people and 8 different countries to complete your glo-bingo sheet. • You cannot repeat a name, you cannot repeat a country. • When you have finished sit at your table. • You have 5 minutes

  2. This session is on: Education for Global Citizenship What is this all about?Why are we doing it and where does it fit in?How can it be ‘done’ in school?Global citizenship as strand of your Virtual Schools work

  3. Standards being addressed in the session and the linked follow up work with Virtual Schools: • Team working and collaboration Q32 and Q33 • Communicating and working with others Q4, Q5, Q6 • Personal Professional Development Q7, Q8

  4. What is global citizenship all about? Activity 1. In your groups write down what comes to mind when you hear the term global citizenship. Choose one of your ideas to share with the whole group.

  5. 8 key concepts of the global dimension •citizenship•sustainable development•social justice•values and perceptions•diversity•interdependence•conflict resolution •human rights DFES 2005

  6. Where does global citizenship fit in? Sustainable schools strategy Eco Schools

  7. Education for Global citizenship is about • Critical and creative thinking • Making connections • Self awareness and open-mindedness towards difference • Exploring conflicting viewpoints • Understanding global issues and power relationships • Moving towards a just and sustainable world

  8. Education for Global Citizenship is … ✔asking questions and developing critical thinking skills ✔equipping young people with knowledge, skills and values to as active citizens ✔acknowledging the complexity of global issues ✔revealing global issues and connections as part of everyday life, whether in a small village or a large city ✔understanding how we relate to the environment and to each other as human beings ✔relevant to all areas of the curriculum.

  9. Education for Global Citizenship is not … ✘ too difficult for young children to understand ✘ mostly or all about other places and peoples ✘ about telling people what to think and do ✘ providing simple solutions to complex issues ✘ an extra subject to cram into a crowded curriculum ✘ about raising money for charity.

  10. Education for today and tomorrow •

  11. What knowledge, skills and values would learner in the 21st Century need?..... • Knowledge • Skills • Values

  12. Activity 2 On you tables in two groups of 5 - Draw a the outline for a person - List the values, skills and knowledge that this 21st Century global learner will need You have 5 minutes

  13. From Oxfam 2008 – Global Citizenship a guide for New Teachers

  14. Activity 3. What about a school …..? Now think about what a school would need to be like to support that learner: • What pedagogic approach? • What ethos? • What type of learning environment? • What type of policies would be needed?

  15. Why are we learning about global citizenship?

  16. Compass rose • N – Natural: questions about the environment • E – Economic: questions about money trade and ownership • S – Social: questions about people and relationships • W - Who decides: questions about power, who benefits and who loses?

  17. Virtual school themes • Identity • Journeys • Conflict Resolution • Sustainability

  18. Exploring the themes • 2 minutes per theme • Mind map the different ideas that your groups associates to the theme • When you hear the word ‘change’ pass your sheet clockwise to the next table • When you get a new sheet add to and comment on what is already written

  19. Collect an envelope and your theme will be revealed….

  20. Initial planning

  21. What happens next? Tasks will be posted on you VS sites related to your global citizenship theme at: • Christmas • Feb half-term • Easter Training day in early Feb