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THE LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD. Mrs. Angela T. Malala CPSU Graduate School Student May 2014. Who manages the special education fund?. Section 5 of RA 5447 (Sept 25, 1968) Creation of Local School Boards province (PSB) city (CSB) municipality (MSB).

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the local school board


Mrs. Angela T. Malala

CPSU Graduate School Student

May 2014

who manages the special education fund
Who manages the special education fund?

Section 5 of RA 5447 (Sept 25, 1968)

Creation of Local School Boards

  • province (PSB)
  • city (CSB)
  • municipality (MSB)
composition of the provincial local school board
  • Division Superintendent of Schools – Chairman
  • Representative of the Provincial Governor
  • Provincial Treasurer
  • Representative of the Provincial Board
  • President, League of PTA or duly- elected representative
city school board
City school boaRD
  • Chairman – City Superintendent of Schools
  • Members: Representative of the City Mayor
  • City Treasurer
  • Representative of the City Council chosen from among its members
  • PTA President or the duly-elected representative
municipal school board
  • Chairman – District Supervisor
  • Representative of the Municipal Mayor
  • Municipal Treasurer
  • Representative of the Municipal Council
  • PTA President or the duly-elected representative of the PTA League
remember this
Remember this

The performance of duties and responsibilities of the above-named persons once appointed or nominated shall NOT be delegated.

*RA 5447

revised lsb composition ra 7160 2008
Revised lsb composition ( ra 7160, 2008)

The present Local Government Code included the following as members:

  • President of the Teachers’ League / organizations
  • Representative of the SK Federation
  • duly-elected representative of the non-teaching personnel
other revisions
  • Chairman of the Board: Local Chief Executive
  • Representative of the Council:

Education Committee Chairman, Local Council

  • No proxy is allowed to attend the meeting
functions of the lsb section 99 ra 7160
Functions of the lsb(Section 99, RA 7160)
  • Determine the annual supplementary budgetary needs for the following
      • Operation/maintenance of public schools
      • supplementary local cost of meeting such needs through the

Annual School Board Budget

functions of the lsb section 99 ra 71601
Functions of the lsb(Section 99, RA 7160)
  • 2. Authorize the provincial, city, municipal treasurer to disburse funds from the SEF
  • 3. serve as an advisory committee to the Sanggunian concerned on educational matters
  • 4. recommend changes in the name of public schools within territorial jurisdiction
  • 5. to be consulted by DepEd on the appointment of SDS, ASDS, PSDS, principals and other school officials
meetings quorum
  • LSB should meet at least once a month or as often as necessary
  • Any of the co-chairmen may call a meeting but if the Local Executive is present, preferably he/she should be the Presiding Officer
priorities of the annual budget sec 100c title four ra 7160
PRIORITIES OF THE ANNUAL BUDGET ( sec. 100c, title four, ra 7160)
  • Construction, repair, and maintenance of school buildings and other facilities of public elementary and secondary schools;
  • establishment and maintenance of extension classes where necessary, and
  • sports activities at the division, district, municipal, and barangay levels
compensation remuneration of lsb officers
  • They have to do their functions without compensation/remuneration

( For members who are non-government employees, they are allowed of

TRAVEL EXPENSES/ALLOWANCES charge to the Special Education Fund


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wear a scowl and have wrinkles.”

*George Elliot


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