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Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo. By Paul Chen. Outline. Starting Questions Sample Conversations (1) Invitation & Declining (2) Expressing Different Feelings toward the Same Thing Vocabulary Useful Expressions (1) Indoor Display Areas (2) Outdoor Display Areas (3) Formosan Animals Activity

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Taipei Zoo

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  1. Taipei Zoo By Paul Chen

  2. Outline • Starting Questions • Sample Conversations • (1) Invitation & Declining • (2) Expressing Different Feelings toward the Same Thing • Vocabulary • Useful Expressions • (1) Indoor Display Areas • (2) Outdoor Display Areas • (3) Formosan Animals • Activity • Discussion Questions • Reference • Ref. Zoo Information

  3. Starting Questions • How much do you know about Taipei Zoo? (opening hours, ticket prices, transportation, services, and history?) • How can one get to the zoo from FJU? • Was it originally located in Mucha as it is now? • What animal do you like the most? Why?

  4. Conversation (1): Invitation & Declining Milton: Hey, Rose. Where’re you headingfor? Rose: Hi, Milton. My sis. and I are going to Taipei Zoo today. Wanna join us? Milton: Thanks, but no thanks. I just went there with my friends last Sat. It was really crowded! Rose: Indeed. It’s always filled with people during holidays and weekends. That’s why we are going today, since we both have the day off. Milton: Lucky you…. Okay now, I’d better go work now. Wish you fun today.

  5. Conversation (2): Expressing Different Feelings toward the Same Thing Sara: Melissa, did you ever visit the Nocturnal Animal House in Taipei Zoo? Melissa: Yes. But I just visited it once when I was in primary school and never set foot in it from then on. Sara: Why? Recently I found it interesting to see various cute and furry little animals inside the House. Besides, the owls there always remind me of those in the Harry Potter stories. Melissa: Are you kidding? I don’t even like the House at all. I always find it creepy to stay inside and have so many little creaturesstaring at me. It actually makes me very uncomfortable. Sara: Okay then. I guess different people simply feel differently toward the same thing. However, I’m still happy to know how you feel about the Nocturnal Animal House.

  6. Vocabulary • to head for 前往 • to be crowded (with) 擁擠的 • Thanks, but no thanks. 謝謝,我心領了。 • indeed 確實如此 • to be filled with 裝滿 • to have a day off 放一天假 • to set foot in 涉足於 • from then on 從那時起 • various 各式各樣的 • furry 毛茸茸的 • to remind sb of sth 提醒某人某事 • creature 動物、生物 • to stare at 瞪著…

  7. Useful Expressions (1) Indoor Display Areas: 室內展示館 • Insectarium 昆蟲館 • Amphibian and Reptile House 兩棲爬蟲動物館 • Penguin House 企鵝館 • Koala House 無尾熊館 • Nocturnal Animal House 夜行動物館 • Education Center 教育中心

  8. Useful Expressions (2) Outdoor Display Areas: 戶外展示區 • Formosan Animal Area 臺灣鄉土動物區 • Children's Zoo 兒童動物園 • Asian Tropical Rainforests Area 亞洲熱帶雨林區 • Desert Animal Area 沙漠動物區 • Australian Animal Area 澳洲動物區 • African Animal Area 非洲動物區 • Temperate Zone Animal Area 溫帶動物區 • Bird World 鳥園區

  9. Useful Expressions (3) Formosan Animals 台灣原生動物: • Formosan Sika Deer 梅花鹿 • Formosan Black Bear 台灣黑熊 • Formosan Wild Boar 台灣野豬 • Chinese Pangolin 穿山甲 • Clouded Leopard 雲豹 • Flying Fox 狐蝠 …etc.

  10. Activity • Do you know which areas these animals belong to? (Identify the animals first.) • Asian Tropical Rainforests Area • African Animal Area • Desert Animal Area • Formosan Animal Area Black Bear Bactrian Camel Crab-eating Macaque Gorilla

  11. Discussion Questions • How often do you go to the zoo? Do you like going there? Why or why not? • What animal would you choose to represent your personality? • Many animal rights activists do not like zoos because they think zoos, instead of being animals' natural habitat, exhibit animals for entertainment.  Do you agree?

  12. Reference • Taipei Zoo <http://english.taipei.gov.tw/zoo/index.jsp> • Animal in You--test of one's animal personality <http://www.animalinyou.com/>

  13. Ref. Zoo Information • Opening Hours • Tickets (1)(2) • Transportation • Zoo Services • Prohibitions • Map

  14. Ref. Opening Hours • All year (Except on Chinese New Year's Eve) • 9 a.m.~5 p.m. (No entry after 4 p.m.)

  15. Ref. Tickets • Adult Ticket: NT 60 • Discount Ticket: NT 30 • Group Tickets: 30% discount is offered on blocks of 30 tickets or more. • Free Entry

  16. Ref. More Info. On the Tickets • Eligibility for Discount Tickets • Over 6 and under 12 years old • School student with student card • Military and police personnel with identification • Low income households with certification from Taipei City Government • Eligibility for Free Entry • Children under 6 years old • Handicapped persons (with certification) and one companion • School excursions (with application and approval documents) • Retired public servants and teachers (with retirement card) • Seniors sixty-five years old and over (with identity card) • Tour guides with Tourism Bureau authorization

  17. Ref. Transportation • Bus • MRT (Mucha Line) • Self-drive • Internal Shuttle Bus • Depart from the shuttle train station located on the left of the Education Center • Shuttle trains run between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Single ticket costs NT 5

  18. Ref. Zoo Services • Guide to Taipei Zoo: Brochures are available to the public at the main entrance. • Tourist Information Center: On the right of the main entrance. (Service: broadcast, nursery, hot water, wheelchair & baby stroller renting, and other services.) • Animal Information Line: 2938-2300 ext. 515 • Tour Booking Telephone Line: 2938-2300 ext. 630 (Groups of more than 30 people must book 10 days in advance.)

  19. Ref. Prohibitions You are not allowed to • bring pets into the zoo • ride bicycles or rollerblades in the zoo • climb fences and enter enclosures • feed the animals • smoke

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