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Informational Text

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Informational Text. MAIN IDEA LEADS TO SUMMARY. Summary. 3 Ways to Annotate Text. Annotating for Main Idea Annotating for Text Evidence: After Reading : Proving Answers (Test Taking Strategy)

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informational text

Informational Text


3 ways to annotate text
3 Ways to Annotate Text
  • Annotating for Main Idea
  • Annotating for Text Evidence: AfterReading: Proving Answers (Test Taking Strategy)
  • Annotating for Comprehension Monitoring: During Reading: AKA Close Reading
looking at staar an experiment
Looking at STAAR: An Experiment
  • A Dessert with a Long History
  • Read the Passage
  • Put a +sign next to the sentence that seems to capture the essence or message of the paragraph.
  • Share
  • Read the + sentences
synthesizing into main ideas
Synthesizing + into Main Ideas
  • Intro: Ice cream has not always been easy to get.
  • 2: Before freezers, people found ways to make ice cream.
  • 3: But their ice cream was not like ours today.
  • 4: It wasn’t popular because it was hard to make.
  • 5: Nancy Johnson invented a machine that made it easier to make ice cream.
  • 6: The idea for a cone came from a waffle.
  • 7: The first ice cream bar on a stick
  • 8: Ice cream is popular in the USA
  • 9: How to make it
how is it tested
How is it tested?
  • Answer choice G
  • Synthesizes paragraphs 2-4: Hundreds of years ago people began making different frozen desserts. Europeans brought the idea to America.
  • Synthesizes paragraphs 4-9: New ideas about how to make and serve the frozen treat have led to its wide popularity.
an instructional approach
An Instructional Approach
  • WARNING: BME will NOT always work any more. TEA looks for “tricks” that bypass thinking and designs questions to make tricks ineffective. See answer choices for proof.
  • Teach + annotations through gradual release
  • Synthesize coding into main idea sentences.
an instructional approach continued
An Instructional Approach Continued
  • Synthesize main idea sentences into summary paragraphs.
  • Teach how to select the best summary statement from 4 choices.
an anchor chart
An Anchor Chart?


Main Idea

Topic + details + what is being said about the topic= main idea

The main point

Vital, essential, important for understanding the whole passage

All the details point toward

General: The point the author is trying to get across

  • Interesting
  • Your opinion
  • Cool idea
  • Could stand alone as a fact
  • Details, examples, facts, explanations, etc.
  • Specific