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Income Protection Option (IPO)

Income Protection Option (IPO). Control Flexibility guaranteed income peace of mind Security Legacy. Transamerica Income Protection Option (IPO). PROBLEM. SOLUTION. What would your customer’s family do without their monthly paycheck?.

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Income Protection Option (IPO)

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  1. Income Protection Option (IPO) Control Flexibility guaranteed income peace of mind Security Legacy

  2. Transamerica Income Protection Option (IPO) PROBLEM SOLUTION What would your customer’s family do without their monthly paycheck? With Transamerica Income Protection Option (IPO) you can achieve peace-of-mind knowing that you have secured the “plan” you envisioned for your family’s financial future with one of the industry’s leading A+ rated financial institutions. How can they guarantee that those direct deposits will continue in the form of a monthly income stream to cover their family’s regular household expenses, as well as longer range goals, such as college and retirement plan funding? Policy owners are able to control and structure a guaranteed monthly income stream for their beneficiaries, regardless of market conditions.

  3. Transamerica offers the Income Protection Option (IPO) solution, a no-cost feature of its Life Insurance Policies. ABOUT IPO… It allows your individual and small business clients to ensure that after death of the insured, their beneficiaries will have what they need in a guaranteedmonthly income stream for up to as many as 25 years. The monthly income stream can be combined with an initial lump sum distribution at time of death, or a lump sum payout at the end of the Guaranteed Income payments.

  4. Relatable: Consumers think about their family budget in terms of monthly expenses and income. Because the IPO provides benefits in guaranteed monthly income streams, it mirrors the way money flows into a household or business. ABOUT IPO… • Simple: Like replacing a monthly paycheck, the IPO is a simple way to ensure recurring monthly household expenses can be met, and provide an additional buffer to manage unexpected financial situations such as medical bills, automobile repairs, appliance replacement, etc. • Control: By pre-determining the monthly amount and duration, your client can ensure the money will last as long as intended. • Complete: The addition of initial or final lump sum payout amounts can cover immediate expenses and provide for larger financial obligations, such as college loans or paying off debt. • Flexible: IPO combines the reliability and flexibility of Transamerica’s life insurance policy along with it’s superior financial stability, to adapt with your client’s plan and life changes.



  7. MARKETING IPO toDIRECT DEPOSIT CUSTOMERS • DRIP Campaign • Incorporate IPO within routine email notifications that the depositor’s direct deposit has been credited. • Include details of the consumer experience from initial interest, direction to Transamerica Quick Life co-branded website or call center for more information, consumer-facing IPO calculator, etc. • Messaging • Simple messaging (ex. web buttons) that will resonate with consumers will include: • Provide guaranteed income to your loved ones. • Protect loved ones with varying amounts. Ideal for blended families. • Exercise some control over how death benefits are paid out. • Be sure the money you leave will last as long as you intended by providing a monthly income instead of just a one-time payment – avoid “lottery winner” consequences.

  8. BENEFITS OF THE TRI-PARTY IPOMARKETING PARTNERSHIP Protect Your Check Enhance Customer Brand Loyalty New Lead Source For the consumer, IPO will offer the opportunity to protect their “direct deposit” income in the event of a depositor’s death. For Bank XYZ, the IPO offering can strengthen the depositor relationship and increase deposit retention. For Financial Advisors, depositors who have taken the steps to secure their income replacement via life insurance offer a new source of leads, and are a more receptive referral for investment and financial planning assistance.

  9. Transamerica Income Protection Option (IPO) Employer Bank Customer Transamerica Quick Life

  10. Carey F. Wolf Director of Sales Carey.Wolf@Transamerica.com (916) 478-9310 Pat Wedeking President PatW@QuickLifeCenter.com (800) 286-7842 x711 www.QuickLifeCenter.com

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