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Polypropylene Woven bags sale

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Polypropylene Woven bags sale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shinersacks is the leading manufacturer and supplier of PP Woven Sacks and HDPE Taurpaulins in Southern India along with Multicolored Printed Bags, PP Bags, Paper Sandwich Bags, BOPP, Non-Woven, Cloths etc.

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Polypropylene Bags Production Manner

Shiner Sacks Private Limited,

3/25, Thatchankadu, Goundampalayam,

Rasipuram - 637 408,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Office : +91 98940 22193


Manufacturing of tapes by PP Woven sacks :

The granules of Polypropylene woven bag sale are fed to

the extruder hopper, in which they are plasticized and

the melt drift is handed thru a T-die. Movie thus

produced is slit into the shape of tapes. These strips are

then orientated via stretching them under heated

condition at a predetermined ratio. Sooner or later the

tapes are wound on cheese winders. It's also feasible to

provide movies by using blown movie method, rather

than T-die extrusion. The compounding ingredients

used together with polypropylene and HDPE are

normally CaCO3 and master batch.


Weaving of tapes into fabric:

The tapes so acquired are fed to circular

looms/ flat looms and woven into tubular

or flat material respectively.

Lamination or extrusion coating

Cutting and sewing of polypropylene



Lamination or extrusion coating:

This step isn't always necessary for all types of

polypropylene bags as in case of jute sacks.

Therefore, calculations had been made with out




technique. Fabric produced may additionally

require to be coated. PP HDPE woven sacks are

laminated with LLDPE/LDPE at the same time

as in case of polypropylene baggage; lamination

is finished by means of lamination grade





Material roll is mounted on unwinding roll from

where it passes through two rolls over which T-die

linked to the extruder is positioned. The soften of

the cloth, that's to be covered on the fabric comes

thru the T-Die as an extrudate and coats the

woven fabric. It is then cooled underneath

pressure and wound.


Cutting and sewing of polypropylene baggage:

inside the subsequent level the unlaminated

material as produced in advance is reduce,

reversed manually, and the bottom is stitched.

Then it is published as consistent with the

requirement of the patron.

Primary homes of polypropylene utilized in

producing woven sacks are their chemical

inertness and inertness to metabolic strategies.


Polypropylene used for the manufacturing of

polypropylene luggage meets the necessities stipulated

in BIS trendy IS 10910. The grade of components

incorporated in polypropylene complies with the FDA:

CFR name 21, 177.1520 olefin polymers. Additive

incorporated in polypropylene additionally comply

with the high-quality listing of ingredients as

prescribed in BIS popular IS: 10909.


Thank You