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How to select the perfect diamond -Sri Bhavani Jewels PowerPoint Presentation
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How to select the perfect diamond -Sri Bhavani Jewels

How to select the perfect diamond -Sri Bhavani Jewels

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How to select the perfect diamond -Sri Bhavani Jewels

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  1. How To Select The Perfect Diamond If you want to buy a diamond ring or a jewel with diamonds, we recommend you to continue reading this article, to choose the best diamonds. Also know the important elements about the quality of diamonds . Then How to choose the perfect diamond? Finding the diamond jewel that suits you can be both tedious and expensive. Follow these tips to make it easier for you to find a necklace or wedding ring. We must aware about the types of diamonds. Types of Diamonds Diamonds are distinguished by their size. Each has a distinct look, and it is your personal taste that will decide which one you choose.

  2. Round: Diamond cut round is the most common form. It is a round and polished cut, most traditional and used for engagement ring. Princess: Princess cut is the darling of diamond rings. Also used to make engagement rings, this type of diamond presents a sharp and bright shape, without the cut corners. Emerald: The lower part of the emerald diamond called the pavilion, is cut into facets of rectangular shape that give the diamond a unique appearance. The surface of this stone is large, rectangular and open. These characteristics make the impurities easily visible. It's suitable for all kinds of jewelry designs. Marquise: Cut to optimize its carat weight, the marquise diamond is brilliant and ventricular, which makes it look bigger than it actual size. Radiant: Similar to princess cut, but with cut corners. It is a versatile diamond that is offered in a wide range of sizes. Pear: Also called diamond tear, this size is unique and has a slimming effect on the fingers. Heart: Due to its particular shape, this stone is often incorporated into a pendant or jewelry other than rings.

  3. Square with rounded corners: As its name suggests, it has larger corners and facets and is available in a wide variety of shapes, and is suitable for various types of jewelry. Factors To be Consider When Buying a Diamond Size: The size of a diamond determines its brilliance. The ideal sizes perfectly reflect the light through the diamond and redirect it to the eye. These sizes are rare and expensive. Deep or shallow sizes are less expensive, but these are less reflective of light. Purity: Diamonds are classified according to the frequency and severity of their imperfections. There are two types of diamond imperfections, also called inclusions: surface inclusions and interior inclusions. High purity diamonds do not have or have few inclusions. The purity of a diamond is graded on a scale from FL to I3 - Flawless / Included . Most people can not detect inclusions of diamonds graded between IF and VS2 - Internally Flawless / Very Slightly Included (pure magnifying glass / very slight inclusions). Color: The color of a diamond is graded according to a color scale from D to Z - Colorless / Light Yellow (white / light yellow) based on the whiteness of the diamond. Diamonds graded from D to J - Colorless / Near Colorless (white / almost white) are almost colorless to the naked eye. In addition, diamonds that are less well ranked have a

  4. yellow hue. There are also diamonds of different hues, such as pink diamonds that are particularly popular, but they are evaluated differently. Carat: The weight of a diamond is measured in carat. The heavier stones have larger facets and they are bigger and most expensive. However, the number of carats is not the most important factor, the size of the finger and personal interest to be taken into consideration. Buying the ideal diamond is based on two main factors, i.e the communication and the budget .Try to find out what type of diamond will please your beloved, but always respect your budget. Hope you enjoyed the article , don't forget to share with your friends. To know more about latest jewelry and designs, visit our store @ Sri bhavani jewels.