discus throw and its basics n.
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Discus Throw And Its Basics PowerPoint Presentation
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Discus Throw And Its Basics

Discus Throw And Its Basics

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Discus Throw And Its Basics

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  1. Discus Throw and Its Basics

  2. Sports need strength and stamina to be played. There are many sports games played, especially when we take track and field sports, it covers javelin throw, discuss throw, shot put, high jump, long jump etc. These field activities need more energy to perform. • All these games are played in Olympics. And the rules of these games are set by IAAF (International Association of Athletics Foundation). This article is all about the discus throw and its basics. The basic rule of this sport is to throw the heavy discus far from the other opponents.

  3. The discus is usually made of wood or any other material with circular edges with a metal rim. When it comes to boys the discus must weigh around 2 kg and a diameter of 22 cm. • for women the discus must weigh around 1 kg and a diameter of 18cm. While throwing the rim the player is not allowed to touch the outside portion of the rim he can only touch the inside portion.

  4. The discus is thrown thrice and the best score out of three is taken. The player has to stand inside the inner circle when he throws the disc. • The circle is of diameter 2.5 meters. And the player is not allowed to come outside the circle before the disc reaches the ground. • If he comes out he may be disqualified or throw may be considered foul. It is one of the important games in track and field events.

  5. There are many types of disc available it includes grand pix, ultimate, prestige, training, target, amazer, premium and rubber. Each of these has its own advantages. • Grand pix are specially designed for the intermediate and advanced players. • This is approved by IAAF for the best performance of the player. This disc is perfectly balanced with no center plates and comes in three different sizes 1, 1.6 and 2.

  6. The ultimate disc is made for seasonal and advanced players. This also comes in three different sizes 1, 1.6 and 2. • When it comes to prestige disc which is particularly for the beginner and intermediate players who aspire to learn the game. These discs are highly balanced and contain a center disc that provides a better support. • As the name suggests the training disc are used during the training sessions in which the weights can be adjusted. The weight varies from 0.850 to 2.200 kgs.

  7. The target discus is common to all players. The sizes of these discs are 1, 1.6 and 2. • Next is the amazer disc which is used by the professionals during the training sessions. This disc is reasonably priced and it is suggested by the top professionals. • Premium disc looks beautiful and comes without the center plates. This is made of chromium which can be used during the training sessions.

  8. The rubber disc is known for its versatility which is suggested by the professional during the practice sessions. The rubber provides a good grip to the player. • The main aspect of this game is to have strength and focus. To improve the game throwing tools are used which emphasis on strength of arms wrist and the throwing power of the player.