best athletic accessories to enhance your game n.
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best athletic accessories to enhance your game PowerPoint Presentation
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best athletic accessories to enhance your game

best athletic accessories to enhance your game

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best athletic accessories to enhance your game

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  1. Best Athletic Accessories to enhance your game

  2. There are several athletic stores that sell sports gear like shot put, hurdles, starting blocks, kettle bells etc. You will get shot puts in various sizes, shapes and made of different materials like iron, steel and brass. • You should decide the shot put that will best suit your needs. Girls who are studying in junior high school and still younger ones can choose a 6 lb shot put.

  3. Girls in high school and all adult women will require an 8 lb shot. Boys of ages 12 and below may buy a 6 lb shot. For outdoor shot put, choose one shot put without a padded covering and for indoor season, padded steel shot puts may be preferred. • As you may be aware, Starting Blocks equipment are used in track and field games at the beginning of sprint events.

  4. You can come across various types of blocks in the market. The standard type is a middle rail with two pedals or pads on either side that can be adjusted to suit each runner. • You should learn to use starting blocks with the guidance of an experienced trainer and once proficiency is gained, sprinters will find that blocks considerably improve their performances.

  5. Kettlebells are a special type of free weights and they are basically round weights equipped with a handle to facilitate you to perform a larger variety of exercises. • Kettlebell exercises are simple to learn and can form part of home workouts. These exercises enhance physical fitness, strengthen the muscles, and reduce body fat percentage and increase stamina and powers of endurance.

  6. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with a lightweight kettlebell of 10 lb. But women already accustomed to strength exercises, can start off with 20 or even 25 lb. • A man can choose a bit heavier weight like 20 or even 25 lb even as a beginner. If you are conditioned, you can straightaway start with 35 or even 40 lb. • Punch bags are indispensable for any boxer at the time of training and subsequent routine practice.

  7. Trouncing the punch bag for round about half an hour a day is effective way to improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system for any boxer. • There are extra heavy bags that are used by the more seasoned players of the boxing game. • Freestyle jumping or skipping ropes with solid aluminum handles is highly useful for cardiovascular workouts.

  8. The handles have bearings to facilitate full rotations and these ropes are one of the much sought-after items and widely used by sporting professionals across the globe. • It is known to all sportspersons that agility ladders are proven effective tool for improving muscular strength and footwork. Agility ladders are generally made of nylon bound top grade plastic strips for durability and reliability.

  9. Use of agility ladders also improves speed, coordination, timing and balance of the athlete. There are portable agility ladders that can be set up very easily and carried around to different places. • There is a wide range of high quality plastic hurdles with adjustable heights to suit the individual player’s specific requirements. • These hurdles are light in weight and sturdy which can withstand rough usage during running drills as well as hurdle races.

  10. Agility hurdles are available in varied sizes and attractive colors. • You will find in the market a range of inflatable balls made of tested quality raw material that makes it both durable and attractive. • These balls find extensive application for various games such as soccer, volleyball, hand balls, net balls, footballs, and many other ball games.