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Skiing in not as expensive as you might think!

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Skiing in not as expensive as you might think! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gone are the days when skiing was a pastime of rich people, today even you can be one of those people vacationing on the slopes.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Skiing in not as expensive as you might think!' - sportmaniach

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Skiing in not as expensive as you might think!

Have you ever looked wistfully at photos of people skiing and daydreamed about wearing skis and

hitting the slopes? Many people think that skiing is only for the rich as the gear is expensive and it

requires training. But this is just a myth! Gone are the days when skiing was a pastime of rich people,

today even you can be one of those people vacationing on the slopes. We have compiled a short to-

do list for you that will help make the experience fun and budget-friendly.

1. Take Lessons

Before hitting the slopes or even considering buying skis you should take lessons in a small ski station

that normally is less expensive and to start with you don't needs many slopes. This will help

determine what style you prefer and whether this sport is really meant for you or not. This will help

save money in the long run. Once you are fairly sure about your ability, you can then buy new skis.

2. Decide what kind of skis you need

Now buying skis is the most expensive part of the deal. But remember that once you have bought

them, you can use them again and again so it is worth the cost. Moreover, skis can be bought at

bargain prices to if you know what you want and where to get them. But before buying you need to

know which is best for you. There are millions of options out there and most people feel lost when

they try to choose one. The choice depends on your skill level, the terrain where you plan to ski and

your height and weight. Most people will suggest you to buy beginner level skis but they would be

useless as you gain more skill. The best option is to buy skis that suit the style you usually prefer –

whether you are aggressive or reserved. You should also take your weight and height into

consideration. You get better stability with longer skis but they are less manoeuvrable. Generally, the

tip of the ski should reach your eyebrows. There are different skis available for men and women as

well as skis based on the terrain where you plan to ski. Read reviews online and find out what people

have to say about different models. There are several brands that make good skis. Head ski have a

range of products for both men and women of all skill levels. You will easily find a budget friendly

option if you read reviews online.

3. Order your skis

Going into a store to get skis is time-consuming and expensive. Get onto the internet, read reviews,

choose a product and order online. This saves time as well as money as you get some very good

deals online. You’ll be able to save quite a lot by ordering skis online. Make sure that you order other

required gear too like boots, bag, helmet, poles and sunglasses. You will get them delivered within

the week.

4. Hit the slopes!

What are you waiting for? Now that you have your skis and gear, head out and hit the slopes! Make

sure you post the pictures online!


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