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Exploring the Golden Circle on Northern Lights Holidays

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Exploring the Golden Circle on Northern Lights Holidays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It\'s becoming more and more popular to book a specialised tour to the Arctic Circle to enjoy one of the most stunning theatrical displays that Nature can provide - the Northern Lights.

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Exploring the Golden Circle on Northern

Exploring the Golden Circle on Northern

Lights Holidays

Lights Holidays

There is little doubt that Northern Lights holidays are a dream,

once-in-a-lifetime experience, but today it's easier than ever to

make that dream come true. It's becoming more and more

popular to book a specialised tour to the Arctic Circle to enjoy

one of the most stunning theatrical displays that Nature can

provide - the Northern Lights.

Holidays that include a trip into the rural wilderness of Sweden,

Norway or Iceland to see the phenomenon usually also offer you

the opportunity to do some independent exploration too. Here is

a trio of attractions that you could experience on a Northern

Lights holidays in the Golden Circle.

The Highlights of Thingvellir

National Park

This incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site is an astounding

area of natural beauty and it boasts some amazing features of

our constantly inspiring natural world. Research is always being

carried out and the area is of great interest on an international

scale. The park is part of a fissure zone, which dictates the

formation and geological activity of Iceland, creating the most

dramatic features, including stunning lakes, geysers and

waterfalls. As you enter the park itself, visitors report getting a

tangible sense that they are in the presence of something truly

spectacular. The evident rifting, which has occurred as a result

of the area being situated on the boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic

tectonic plates, is the reason for the distinctly characterised


Interestingly, this park is not only important geologically, but it also

holds great cultural and historical stature as well. Back in 930

AD, the country's parliament, Althingi, was established here,

which is one of the reasons the area was given its UNESCO

status in the mid 90s.

There are two prime examples of geysers in the park: the Great

Geyser and the Strokkur Geyser, both found close to the Hvita

River in the southwest region. Don't be put off by the rather

prominent stench of sulphur, as the visual impact of these

fantastical features is simply breath-taking. Hot bubbling pools

abound and the magical steam that rises from the ground

envelops you as you wander around. Strokkur Geyser

sporadically shoots huge jets of water from its core, and this

alone is spectacular.

Around 50m away is the Great Geyser, which is thought to be the

first one known to modern Europeans. Over 10,000 years of

activity preceded its now largely dormant state, and it only spurts

its jets of water every few days - this is only as a result of the

recent earthquake activity in the country

Gullfoss waterfall is one of the iconic and beautiful Icelandic

features you often see in photographs - but no photograph can

actually do it justice. You'll hear the falls before you see them,

and just standing admiring the vapour wafting upwards from the

dominant force of the water is an awesome experience in itself.

As you make you way down the waterfall, the apparent abyss

that consumes the massive amount of water from above

becomes a cavern, 61 ft. wide. It is an understatement to say

that the falls are powerful, as they are far more than that. To

really experience the force of the falls, head down to the viewing

platform that runs right along the side, but remember if you do

this you can expect to get very wet from the splash of the

descending water.

Golden circle Iceland: