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Recent Certification Changes PowerPoint Presentation
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Recent Certification Changes

Recent Certification Changes

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Recent Certification Changes

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  1. Certification Division Recent Certification Changes MyPSC Account Simplifying Certification

  2. Certification Rule Changes Unsatisfactory Evaluations &Renewals “An individual who has received twounsatisfactory annual evaluations within the previous five year period pursuant to Code Section 20-2-210 shall not be entitled to a renewable certificate prior to demonstrating that such performance deficiency has been satisfactorily addressed, butsuch an individual may apply to the commission for a non-renewable certificate.” O.C.G.A. 20-2-200

  3. Certification Rule Changes Unsatisfactory Evaluations and Renewals “An individual who receives two un-remediated, unsatisfactory annual evaluations may request a 1-year Waiver certificate. The PSC will review the completed application and, if approved, a 1-year non-renewable Waiver certificate will be provided.”

  4. Certification Rule Changes Unsatisfactory Evaluations and Renewals Educator must sign the application verifying an understanding that unless satisfactory remediation is completed during the 1-year waiver validity period, a clear renewable certificate will not be issued.

  5. Certification Rule Changes Unsatisfactory Evaluations and Renewals Superintendent (or Designee) must sign to attest: 1. A Professional Development Plan will be implemented; and 2.The educator will not be issued a clear renewable certificate unless satisfactory performance is determined and a verification form signed by the superintendent.

  6. Renewal Requirements Modified HB 1307: Temporarily suspends the PLU requirement for purposes of certificate renewal Does not mean all professional learning is being suspended

  7. Renewal Requirements Modified

  8. Renewal Requirements Modified • The certificate holders may be employed or unemployed. • Outstanding requirements other than PLUs must be completed such as Criminal Record Check.

  9. Leadership Rule RULE INITIATED 9/9/10 Add Leadership Certification: • Georgia educators must complete a Educational Leadership Performance-Based Program • Presently no out-of-state Educational Leadership Performance-Based programs have been approved

  10. Leadership Rule • NL “Pre-Service” certificate will not be issued after 12/15/10 • NPL issued to educators in a leadership position at the request of the employer. PSC issues with the understanding that the educator is enrolled in a Leadership Performance-Based GaPSC approved program. • NPL is not issued for an educator in a leadership “role”.

  11. Leadership Rule • Out-of-State educators never certified in Ga.who hold a Leadership certificate with 3 or moreyears of successful experience are eligible for a Leadership certificate (L). • Out-of-State educators who hold a Leadership certificate with less than 3years of experience must complete a Performance-Based Leadership program.

  12. Leadership Rule Leadership Certification & Upgrade: Educators who hold an existing Georgia Leadership certificate may: 1. Complete an out-of-state or in-state program if the institution meets the quality standards specified in the Educator Upgrade rule, or 2. Georgia-approved Educational Leadership Performance-based program.

  13. Upgrade Rule Upgrade Options: There are two options for advanced degree programs from which educators can select: 1. In-Field programs (advance in an existing certification field held by the educator) 2. New Field programs ( advance in a certification field not held by the educator)

  14. Upgrade Rule Advanced Degree (s) Essential Requirements: • Options 1 and 2 both require the advanced degree to be in one of Georgia’s certification fields • Option 2 requires that the appropriate Georgia content assessment must be passed (Fields that do not have a content assessment developed/specified will not require the assessment)

  15. Upgrade Rule • Increased quality control of Out-of-State institutions • -- NCATE / TEAC accreditation • -- Carnegie Research Classification (VH/H)

  16. Upgrade Rule Educator Responsibilities Determine if institution satisfies quality standards (PSC will post a list of institutions that satisfy quality standards) PSC Procedure PSC plans to require prior approval for out-of-state programs

  17. MyPSC Account • GaPSC is paperless as of January 2, 2010 • Eliminated the need to print and mail certificates/correspondence to educators. • Educators can update their personal profile, pay fees and view/print certification information from the website.

  18. What Does MyPSC Offer? • MyPSC is accessible from the GaPSC website. • Educators have 24-hour access to their account information. • Secure login to GaPSC online environment. • Educators create and maintain their own account information. • PSC sends electronic notifications to the educator when updates have been made to their files.

  19. Impact of going paperless Over 90% reduction in PSC postage cost Initial spike in helpdesk calls and email that are now beginning to decrease Improved efficiency of the certification division due to less printing and mailing

  20. Key Things To Know • A data file is being created for HR Directors to access through the .org account to provide a list of employees who have or need to establish a MyPSC Account. • Until the data file is created email for the information.

  21. Key Things To Know If an educator is not registered for a MyPSC account, it will delay the certification process PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALWAYS USE THE APPLICATION REVISED APRIL 2009 AND THE EDUCATOR INCLUDES THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS

  22. Certification • PSC EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION • For school system certification issues only: • For educator use only: • For computer issues with

  23. Certification Updates OTHER THINGS WORTH MENTIONING

  24. PSC Operating Procedures Due to budget and staff reductions, the PSCmust modify its standard operating procedures. We will no longer be able to assist "walk-in" visitors. Call Center will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please direct questions to We regret any inconvenience.

  25. Simplify Certification • GaPSC is initiating a study of certification rules/regulations/processes. • The GOAL is to reduce the complexity associated with certification. • Local support is necessary! • Input and support from Human Resource Directors and staff are ESSENTIAL!!!

  26. Simplify Certification • Initial Meeting was held on July 14th and 15th with HR Directors and PSC staff • “Brainstorming” to generate ideas to reduce the complexity associated with rules and procedures • GaPSC/HR State Committee

  27. Simplify Certification PSC is initiating the following changes: 1. Move GaTAPP paths certificates under the Intern Teacher (IT) certificate. The provider determines the path and enters specific designation in website; 2. Bring back Broad Field Social Science a Secondary Field; 3. Adjust to allow approved system staff to view communications sent to employees

  28. Simplify Certification Suggested changes: • Reduce the number of certificate titles and select names that are easy to comprehend • Increase the number of certificates that can be issued through website • Special Ga. Requirement: System determines how to satisfy the requirement (ex. Exceptional Child) • Add low incidence fields (vision, drama, etc) through GACE/experience.

  29. Simplify Certification Continued suggested changes: 5. Mirror choice in Expresslane with the application for certification 6. Reduce Paperwork duplication 7. Establish PSC-approved levels of independent certification management