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North Carolina History

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North Carolina History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North Carolina History. SS Level 4 Ms. Lewis. Today we will learn about the state elected leaders: Responsibilities Roles/Jobs. Which leaders are elected?. An elected leader is one that the people choose to fulfill that job. People vote to decide who will become the state leaders:

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north carolina history

North Carolina History

SS Level 4 Ms. Lewis

  • Today we will learn about the state elected leaders:
  • Responsibilities
  • Roles/Jobs
which leaders are elected
Which leaders are elected?
  • An elected leader is one that the people choose to fulfill that job. People vote to decide who will become the state leaders:
  • 2 Senators, 13 Representatives, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, 120 Representatives, 50 Senators
senators qualifications
Senators - Qualifications

Senators at the state Congress are elected every two years. They must be 25 years old and be a citizen of NC for 2 years and live in the district that they are representing the year before they take office.

senators responsibilities
Senators - Responsibilities
  • They are to represent the views and opinions of the people in their district.
  • They vote on laws that would be important to the people that live in the district that they represent.
representatives responsibilities
Representatives - Responsibilities
  • Representatives, like Senators, represent the people within their districts. The difference between Senators and Representatives is that there are more representatives and so therefore they have a smaller number of people to represent.
representatives qualifications
Representatives - Qualifications
  • Representatives have to live in the district that they are representing for a year prior to taking office. They do not have to be a certain age.
governor and lieutenant governor qualifications
Governor and Lieutenant Governor - Qualifications
  • You must be 30 years old.
  • You must be a citizen of the US for 5 years and have lived in the state that you serve for 2 years before your appointment.
  • You can only serve for two, 4 year terms for a total of 8 years.
governor responsibilities
Governor - Responsibilities
  • Live in the capitol of the sate.
  • Report to the General Assembly information about the state.
  • Make the budget.
  • Make sure that the laws are carried out within the state.
governor responsibilities1
Governor – Responsibilities…
  • They are the Commander and Chief and have the ability to decide when we should respond with our military.
  • They are in charge of appointing different officers that are not voted on in the election.
lieutenant governor responsibilities
Lieutenant Governor - Responsibilities
  • President of the Senate – which means he is in charge of the Senate.
  • However he/she does not vote unless there is a divided vote – meaning it is equal on both sides.
  • They will also do any other duties that the General Assembly or the Governor ask him/her to do.
other elected officials
Other Elected Officials

Secretary of State



Superintendent of Public Instruction

Attorney General

Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner of Labor

Commissioner of Insurance

These officials are elected every 4 years.

extension activity
Extension Activity
  • Read back through the descriptions given and research one of the offices mentioned and decided which position you would want and write a paragraph about why you would choose that job.
until next time
Until Next Time
  • Thanks for following along. Next time we will learn about the governing documents for North Carolina.