interim report of the kennedy farmstead task force
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Interim Report of the Kennedy Farmstead Task Force

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Interim Report of the Kennedy Farmstead Task Force - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interim Report of the Kennedy Farmstead Task Force. The Kennedy-Martin-Stelle Farmstead - An historic property that is unique and irreplaceable. A once in a lifetime opportunity Needed Feasible Affordable With your support this project will succeed. Changes in Recommendations. Due to:

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the kennedy martin stelle farmstead an historic property that is unique and irreplaceable
The Kennedy-Martin-Stelle Farmstead -An historic property that is unique and irreplaceable
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Needed
  • Feasible
  • Affordable
  • With your support this project will


Changes in Recommendations

Due to:

Input from Historic Building Architect consultant

Exclusion of some work items

Change in priorities in order to reduce the cost required to

get the English Barn, Farmhouse and Wagon House

up and running year round.

Task Force Recommendations
  • The Task Force is requesting that the Township Committee approve
  • the required matching dollars necessary to secure the targeted
  • county and state grants over the next 1 to 3 years.
  • Overall, for each dollar Bernards Township directs to the project, we
  • will receive $3.20 in value.
  • There is a financially responsible way to achieve the goal of
  • historic preservation and a cultural arts center.
what we will talk about
What We Will Talk About
  • NEED
    • John Campbell
    • Bob Dillon
    • Kathleen Kleiber
Task Force Charters

2002 - 2003 Charter

1. Develop a Preservation Plan - Completed

2. Define uses for the Farmstead - Defined

3. Seek New Sources of Funding - Successful andOngoing

2004 Charter

Eight charges that we’re looking at tonight

  • Need for History to be Saved
    • Historical Significance
    • Community Input
    • Supported by Master Plan
  • Need for Culture & Art Center
    • Community Input
    • Support of local art & culture groups
    • Supported by Parks & Rec Master Plan
model organizations


Studio space rental



Rehearsal space

Off-site programs



Membership fees

Revenue (classes, exhibits, studio rental, etc.)

Public Grants – NJ Council on the Arts

Private Grants – Corporate, Foundation, Individual/Family

Model Organizations
example hunterdon museum of art
Example Hunterdon Museum of Art
  • Programs - Visual
    • Instruction
    • Studio space
    • Exhibits and Galleries
    • Off-site programs – Scouts, home schoolers, summer programs
    • Lectures
  • Funding
    • Membership Fees
    • Revenues
    • Public Grants - $103,392 from NJCVA
    • Private Grants – Corporate and Foundation
  • Facility
    • Centuries old mill
example montgomery center for the arts
Example Montgomery Center for the Arts
  • Programs – Visual and Performing
    • Instruction
    • Studio space
    • Exhibits and Galleries
    • Performances
    • Summer programs
    • Lectures
  • Funding
    • Membership Fees
    • Revenues
    • Public Grants - New Jersey State Council on the Arts
    • Private Grants – Corporate and Foundation
  • Facility
    • 1860 House
  • Not Invention, Replication
we have refined the original cost matrix
We have Refined the Original Cost Matrix
  • Original Preservation Plan $2.790
  • Work Completed & Refined Estimates - $1.182
  • Revised total to complete the project $1.608
    • English Barn ($891K)
    • Farmhouse ($470K)
    • Wagon House ($247K)
we have been successful pursuing grants for the farmstead project
We Have Been Successful Pursuing Grantsfor the Farmstead Project

Three Somerset County Grants

    • 2001 Received $75K
    • 2002 Received $200K
    • 2003 Received $14K
    • Total: Received $289K
  • The proposed grant writer, Michael Calafati of HBA, has tremendous success in preparing NJ Historic Trust grants:
    • 2000: secured 6 of 6 or 100%
    • 2002: secured 13 of 15 or 87%
summary farmstead preservation costs
Summary: Farmstead Preservation Costs

Costs EB FH WH CS Total $

Phase 4.0 $891k $470k $247k 1,608k

Mold $20k 20k

Grant writer 6k

Operating Budget. 4k

CS Stabilization $10K 10k

Grand Total 1,648k

summary funding requirements
Summary: Funding Requirements

Grant Total Farmstead Preservation Costs $1,648K

Targeted Grants:

County request (2004) $ 110kState request (2004) $ 750k

Township Commitment:

$750k match required; “spent funds” of $289k county grants apply $ 461k$40k for mold, grant writer, Cow Shed & task force budget $ 40k

Funding Total $1,361kGap to be addressed through donations, future grants, etc. $ 287k

funding and budgeting timeline could extend over the next three years
Funding and Budgeting Timeline Could Extend Over the Next Three Years
  • Action/Cost$:2004 2005 2006
  • Mold & T/F Budget (24k) 1Q
  • Cowshed ($10k) 1-2Q
  • Apply State Grant (6k) 1-2Q (25% pos)---or---1-2Q (75% pos)
  • Apply County Grant 2Q 2Q 2Q
  • Expectations:
  • State Grant 1Q ------or---------1Q
  • County Grants 4Q 4Q 4Q

Financial/Budget Impact:

The costs for mold remediation, operating budget and the grant writer need to be made available immediately.

The required Township State matching funds will need to be available when the grants are received; however, this does not impact the 2004 budget.

farmstead preservation and use as an arts center is affordable for our township
Farmstead Preservation and Use as an Arts Center is Affordable for Our Township
  • The Preservation and Restoration of the English Barn, the Farmhouse and the Wagon House can be accomplished with the use of grant funds, private and corporate donations and township dollars:
    • Cost effective since grants cover over 70% of the total.
    • Remaining % from donations and/or Township.
    • The value of the preservation/restoration work is over $1.6M and the cost to the township is $501k (i.e. for each dollar we spend, we get $3.20 of value or improvement in an important asset).
  • The current plan is phased over a three year period determined by grant dates; therefore we have budgeting flexibility.
  • We propose that required Township Open Space Trust Fund (OSTF monies) be used since the Farmstead is an Open Space project. Based upon the Pizzo discussions, we understand this to be within the guidelines of the OSTF.
Other Funding Options

Bond Issue Comparison

update on the task force 2004 charter
Update on The Task Force 2004 Charter

1. Stabilize the Farmstead structures: underway

Plan for prevention of any further deterioration of the structures: under consideration this evening

Plan for warehousing of the structures prior to and during any restoration work: under consideration this evening

2. Seek out and establish public and private sources of funding: always ongoing

update on the task force 2004 charter1
Update on the Task Force 2004 Charter
  • Make recommendations concerning the creation and structure of an independent non-profit organization to take over the project: underway

4. Oversee restoration of the buildings as determined by the Township Committee: underway and a continuing effort

5. Enlist and promote community support for the project: underway and a continuing effort

the task force charge for 2004
The Task Force Charge for 2004

6. Explore use of the site for fine and creative arts, as well as any other uses that meet the community’s needs: under consideration this evening

7. Recommend interim uses for the property as a community resource for fine and creative arts, and other uses, as the restoration continues: open

8. Develop a business plan, including financials, for any future adaptive, independently sustainable uses of the site that follows upon completion of the

Restoration phase of the project: underway

actions recommended to township committee
Actions Recommended to Township Committee
  • $6K for professional grant writer; $4K Task Force budget
  • $20K for Farmhouse mold remediation; 10K for Cow Shed stabilization
  • $461K Township matching fund commitment
  • Resolution of support for Farmstead

Culture and Art Center

the kennedy farmstead unique and irreplaceable
The Kennedy Farmstead -Unique and Irreplaceable
  • Needed
    • Residents want to save the historic Farmstead
    • Residents want to adapt the Farmstead as a cultural & art center
  • Feasible
    • Replicate existing successful models
  • Affordable
    • Can be tax neutral
the kennedy farmstead unique and irreplaceable1
The Kennedy Farmstead -Unique and Irreplaceable
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  • We can be remembered for:
    • Allowing a significant historic treasure slip through our fingers, OR
    • Preserving the Farmstead and using it to add a whole new dimension to the cultural life of our town
the kennedy farmstead unique and irreplaceable2
The Kennedy Farmstead -Unique and Irreplaceable
  • This project can work: Needed, Feasible and Affordable
  • We are confident that, with your support, this project will be successful