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  2. Speak Now is the third studio album releases by the popular Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift, 20 years old, is a country singer who has enjoyed great success from her previous albums. A very talented and beautiful singer, songwriter and actress, Taylor Swift reached stardom in the four years of her singing career. At a very young age, she started singing and joining contests. • After learning to play guitar, she started writing her own songs most of which were about her growing up struggles. Although she had her share of disappointments and rejects, Taylor Swift became successful in the year 2006 when her debut single became number 6 in the Billboard magazine’s Hot Country songs chart. Her first self titled album debuted at top 5 on Billboard 200 and peaked at the top spot on Billboard top country albums. ”Fearless” was the second album released by Taylor Swift and it became very successful too. With 3.2 million copies sold, it became the top selling album in 2009. In the Neilsen’s BDS Top 10 most played songs chart, Taylor Swift claimed both the first and second spot. Aside from that, Taylor Swift got the first spot in the 2009 Top 10 Artist Airplay Chart with 1.29 million songs detection and the top 10 Artist Internet Streams chart with more than 46 million song plays. This is quite an achievement for such a young artist • The Speak Now Download will be hitting record bars and stores on October 25. After releasing the album’s first single “Mine”, it has been doing very good on its own. It debut top 5 on the Billboard hot 100 chart and currently sitting number one on the digital sale charts selling almost half a million downloads in only two weeks. Fans of Taylor Swift are highly anticipating the Speak Now downloads in the Internet today. People like Taylor Swift’s autobiographical way of writing songs because it made them relatable to her personal experiences. The Speak Now download is a compilation of 14 songs that talks about her many experiences in life especially in regards to relationship and boys. She included a song that is a favorite called “Sparks Fly” that has never been released. The song was a favorite among her fans that is why she included it in her new album. The Speak Now download is expected to be the country singer’s most personal album yet. • Fans all over the world has been searching for websites that they can download songs from Taylor Swift. Just the song “Mine” alone is getting its shares of numerous downloads. There are so many people downloading the hit song “Mine”. You can always get websites that are legal and safe in the Net. Simply register an account with your name and email add, you can start downloading anything you like from Taylor Swift.

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