how to choose the perfect furniture for your n.
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How To Choose The Perfect Furniture For Your Office PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Choose The Perfect Furniture For Your Office

How To Choose The Perfect Furniture For Your Office

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How To Choose The Perfect Furniture For Your Office

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  1. How to Choose the Perfect Furniture For Your Office

  2. About Us • As one of the only true Turn Key office interiors firm, SPANDAN has been successfully meeting the facility needs of leading companies since 1985. • We specialize in Sustainable Design, Green Construction Principles, Highly Ergonomic Furniture Solutions and "Off-the-shelf" solutions. • With expertise in every facet of Turn Key Interior, SPANDAN offers its "OTIS" solution to a wide range of industries, including life science, high tech, banking, law, manufacturing, government, health and medical services, communications and education.

  3. Assess How Much Room You Have • One of the biggest mistakes in choosing furniture is under/overestimating how much space you truly have. • An empty home office looks huge until you put a desk and chair in it! • Measure your space and take into account windows and doorways that your furniture will have to fit around. • If there are views out a window you would like your desk to face, consider this when measuring and planning out your furniture placement.

  4. Determine How Long Per Day You Will Use Your Office

  5. What Is Your Budget • Like any furniture, you can spend a small amount or you can spend a few paychecks on one piece of office furniture for your home. • Surf the internet, and look through home décor and home office furniture magazines for inspiration and pricing. • How much you spend is up to you, although, keep in mind that décor, office supplies, and computer equipment may still need to be purchased after the furniture. • If you’re on a tight budget consider buying self assembly furniture. Furniture stores that specialize in online and catalog ordering will be your best resource for do it yourself assembly furniture.

  6. Will You Share Your Space?

  7. Choose Your Style • Antique furniture to ultra contemporary furniture will be a design choice that you have. • Remember comfort when selecting older traditional furniture, such as chairs. • Antique furniture can look gorgeous, but you may need the flexibility of an adjustable chair for comfort. • While some modern chairs have the ergonomics that are comfortable, but look too futuristic for a traditional home. In the end you will need to decide which is a higher priority, aesthetics or comfort. • With enough searching, you should be able to find a happy medium.

  8. Choose Furniture That Fits You

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