Douglas Miesen


Spandango connects students of Spanish to live, professional, experienced, Spanish language instructors via a Skype video window offering the convenience of receiving lessons in the comfort of your home with all the advantages of a private tutor. The Spandango experience includes a Spanish language curriculum that we developed based on lessons learned from our own years of struggles through the traditional language learning systems. We strive to create an experience that takes students to the highest levels of Spanish in the most efficient way possible. Our overarching goal is to deliver top-notch Spanish lessons and to fulfill the original intent of our partner company, Noble Legacies Inc., to deliver products that are not only empowering but leave a lasting positive footprint. We have partnered with a Central American Spanish school with the prerequisite that we can provide them a dignified wage in a safe and comfortable working environment. Your participation in our online lessons has the dual benefit of helping you to achieve your language learning goals while improving the quality of life for our partners in Central America.