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How To Study For IIT JEE IIT-ians PACE PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Study For IIT JEE IIT-ians PACE

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How To Study For IIT JEE IIT-ians PACE
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How To Study For IIT JEE IIT-ians PACE

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  1. How To Prepare ForIIT JEE

  2. Understand The Structure Of The Main Exam • The JEE Main lasts three hours and consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. • The exam consists of three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. • Each section contains 30 questions. All sections a • For each question answered correctly, four points are awarded. For each incorrect answer, one point is deducted.

  3. Understand The Structure Of The Advanced Exam • Paper One: Each section contains 10 multiple choice questions with one correct answer, five multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, and five questions that require the test taker to provide a single-digit answer. • Paper Two: Each section contains eight multiple choice questions with one correct answer, eight questions that require responding to a reading passage, and several "matching list"-type questions.

  4. Use Official Mock Tests • The simplest, most effective way to prepare for the JEE is simply to do the test itself.  • Mock tests are available for free from the official JEE website. • These tests mirror the actual JEE in terms of structure, format, and content  • Completing mock tests gives you the valuable experience of working through the JEE 

  5. Use Question Papers From Past Exams • Another important resource for applicants looking to pass the JEE are the question papers from past tests • Unlike the mock tests, which have questions specifically made for them, JEE question papers contain the exact questions included on past exams, making them a very valuable resource.

  6. Keep Up-to-Date With Official Bulletins • Over time, the JEE can (and has) changed. • Tests may be rescheduled, results may be re-interpreted, and the topics covered may change. • To ensure that you have the absolute best chance of doing well on the JEE, stay up to speed with official JEE bulletins, which are published as they are released on the official JEE website.

  7. Review Your Notes From School • If you've been a diligent student, you may have access to great test-prep resources and not even realize it! • Dig up your notes from physics, chemistry, and mathematics classes you've attended and review them. • If you have access to old problems, consider going through some of these as well for extra practice.

  8. Start As Early As Possible • When it comes to preparing for the JEE, the earlier you start, the better. • Studying for the JEE is a serious undertaking, especially if you plan on taking the JEE Advanced. • It's also one that can have a significant impact on your professional future — a great score on the JEE can make it much easier to get into the engineering program of your choosing.

  9. Eliminate Your Personal Distractions As You Study   • In the months before the JEE, you want to make the most of your time. • you don't want to waste an hour (or more) fooling around for every hour you spend studying. • To avoid distractions like TV, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment, remove them from your life temporarily.

  10. Time Yourself As You Take Practice Tests   • When you take entire JEE practice tests, it's a smart idea to give yourself the same 180-minute time limit you would normally have to finish the test. • Doing prepares you to account for the time limit when it will actually matter.

  11. About Us • Our Vision & Mission: • We believe in providing all deserving students in India with the best curriculum and pedagogy along with the highest quality of education in coaching the students for competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads. • We are determined to make learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable (at every stage) for the children by using innovative methods of teaching and synchronized approach of learning.

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