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Definitions Patient Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Definitions Patient Experience

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Definitions Patient Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Patient Experience and Patient Public Involvement – How it Fits Together. Definitions Patient Experience

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Patient Experience and Patient Public Involvement – How it Fits Together


Patient Experience

Patient experience at NUH results from a range of activities that all impact upon patient care, access, safety and outcomes. Patients have told us for a good patient experience at NUH they want us to:

 Provide good treatment in a comfortable, caring and safe environment, delivered in a calm and reassuring way

 Give them information to make choices, to feel confident and to feel in control

 Talk and listen to them as an equal and treat them with honesty, respect and dignity

NUH has used patient public feedback and the NICE quality standard for patient experience as the basis for defining the elements that make up patient experience at NUH. See blue section of the diagram.

The NICE clinical guidance for patient experience in adult NHS services sets out how a high-quality service should be organised, so that the best care can be offered to people using NHS services in England. The quality standard for patient experience in adult NHS services is made up of 14 statements that describe high-quality care for patients.

Patient Public Involvement (PPI)

PPI at NUH is the process of engaging with the needs and expectations of patients and putting the public and members at the heart of NUH decision making, to ensure that the services and care provided are outcome driven and patient centred. Specifically it is concerned with exchanging information, mutual listening, and accepting that people should be allowed to influence their own care and the services they receive.

PPI defines the way in which patients, carers and the public have a voice in decisions about how healthcare services and research are planned, designed, delivered and evaluated. PPI must operate on three levels:

 Involving individual patients and their carers in decisions about treatment and care and empowering them to make informed decisions about their health

 Enabling patients, public and members to be involved and consulted on planning, monitoring, evaluating and developing services, proposals to change services and decisions about the way services operate

 Involving and engaging patients, carers and the public in planning, development, delivery and evaluation of relevant research and research related activities to the benefit of patients

Elements that define patient experience at NUH

Tools NUH staff will use to deliver patient experience at NUH

Patient Experience Elements and Standards at NUH

NUH has used the NICE clinical guidance for patient experience as the basis for defining the elements and standards that make up a good patient experience at NUH – see table below