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那些年 咱們一起寫的 英文自傳 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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May 5 14h , 2013 Allen. 那些年 咱們一起寫的 英文自傳. How to Write Your Autobiography in English. Format ( 寫作格式 ). 使用 WORD 編輯時,字體選 Times New Roman 紙張大小為 A4 規格,上下左右邊界請設定為各 2 公分。 大標題用 16 或 18 號 粗體字 ,中標題用 14 號 粗體字 ,本文用 12 號字。 本文部份視內容多寡,決定為單行間距或 1.5 倍間距即可。標點符號務必正確清楚。

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May 514h, 2013 Allen

那些年 咱們一起寫的英文自傳

How to Write Your Autobiography in English

Format (寫作格式)

  • 使用WORD編輯時,字體選Times New Roman

  • 紙張大小為A4規格,上下左右邊界請設定為各2公分。

  • 大標題用16或18號粗體字,中標題用14號粗體字,本文用12號字。

  • 本文部份視內容多寡,決定為單行間距或1.5倍間距即可。標點符號務必正確清楚。

  • 每一段的第一行行頭要空5格,段落與段落之間請間隔一行。句子與句子之間請空2格。

Know how

  • 目的不在展現你的英文能力,而是要讓該大學了解你是他們需要的人材。

  • 自傳人人會寫,重點在於傳達你的人格特質,如何與眾不同。

  • 你本身是商品,大學是買家,自傳就是你的推銷廣告。

  • 盡量用「故事」方式呈現你的自傳,以增加可讀性,不致流於俗套。

  • 正確使用文法,簡單明瞭,避免瑣碎。


  • 先簡單扼要描述你自己:姓名、學校、個性(personal data)

  • 簡介你的家人,包含他們的職業、個性等。

  • 對你人格的養成,影響因素有哪些?(例如:父母的教育方式、學習歷程、同儕影響、兄姊影響)

  • 盡量用條列的方式列舉,不要太瑣碎。


  • 你的專長、興趣和嗜好?

  • 課外活動?打工經驗?從事社會服務?

  • 遇到問題時,你通常如何解決?

  • 你的學習目標、自我期許為何?

  • 你對大學生活的規劃?

  • 你打算如何達成你的目標?


  • Self-introduction (name, school, major, interests, hobbies….etc.)

  • Family Background(family members, their occupation, personality…etc.)

  • Learning Experience(parental teaching, summary of skills and highlights of qualifications, accomplishments)

  • Academic Objectives & Future Goals


My name is Woody Yu. I live in a small family. There are four people in the family: my father, my mother, my sister and myself. I just graduated from college and my sister is still a high school student. My father owns a business in mainland China. He comes back once every two months, or sometimes longer than that. When he comes home, he does not talk much because he worries the bad economy may damage his business. My mother is a college professor. She likes her job but often complains about the low pay....


I grew up in a middle-income family where hard work is valued. My father is a businessman and my mother is a college professor. They struggled most of their lives to raise me and my sister. They are warm and kind but strict with us. They pay attention to our educationbecause they want us to be as successful as they are. My mother has the greatest influence on me. She taught me to be seriouswith work and competitivein what I do. Because of her, I have developed a hardworking attitude and outgoingpersonality. These positive attributes of mine have later proven helpful at school, at work, and in anything I pursue.


ZIH-YUAN LIN, or LEO by English name, is a born leader. I graduated from the Department of Computer Technology, Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry. I was born into a family with love, and raised in New Taipei City, Taiwan, on July 24th, 1993. My father is an electrician; my mother is a housewife. Besides, I also have two brothers, who are students too. I am an organized and trustworthy person. As a hard-working student, I am committed to learning.

  • My name is Lin Zih-yuan, a student of Songshan High School of Agriculture. My major at school is computer science. I was born into a family with love and liberal values. My father works as an electrician while my mom a full-time housewife. I also have two senior brothers who are attending college. I am a very organized person because I have a timed program for doing my jobs. I deeply believe hard work is the only way to successful learning, so I always try my best.


I made friend with English when I was very little. My parents had me learn English at an English center when I was in the kindergarten. This greatly inspired my English potential. Throughout my school years, my English grades have always been not only pretty good but also the best among all my subjects. I passed the intermediate level of GEPT when I was in my sophomore year in senior high school. Not only am I good at English, but I also like English. Thanks for what my parents did for me!

I began learning English at a very young age. My parents sentme toan English cram school where I acquired the four basic skills to develop my English capabilities. Since then, my performance in English has been outshining that in any other subjects at school. I was certified with the intermediate level of GEPT in the second year ofsenior high. Should I have achieved any success in English, the credit shall be given to my great parents!


Multiple Capabilities

I am a person of multiple interests. Digital Logic and Electronics Lab Class are my favorite subjects. I’m also interested in patents, management, psychology, finance, investment, and so on. I often spend time reading books and journals related to these topics. I also want to learn more about interesting fields other than computer technology; I would like to develop myself into a person with multiple capabilities. In addition, I will also invest more time in improving my English because it’s the most useful international language at the present time.

Multiple Interests

I am a person of multiple interests, such as the art of management, psychology, financing, economics and so on. I often spend time reading all kinds of books and journals related to these topics. Other than the knowledge I have acquired in computer science, I would like to develop myself into a person with multiple capabilities. For example, ……..? I will also invest more time in improving my English because mastering in English is just like holding a key to a broader world.


When it was time for me to decide my future, I had a hard time making a decision. Finally, I decided to major in English education. Then I can follow my mom’s footstep to become a good teacher in the future. To fulfill this dream, I need related training and cultivation, so I hope I can enter your department. With the support from my family, I am looking forward to having a solid professional training in college. And of course, your instruction is exactly what I need.

When thinking over my future, I had a hard time making a decision. After careful consideration, I made up my mind to major in English education at college. I chose this road in a way to respect my mother as a good English teacher, because I want to be as successful as she is. To fulfill my dream, I know I need more professional training and knowledge that I believe I can acquire at your prestigious department. (To be continued…..)

Congratulations!You have acquired all the skills to write your own autobiography.Now begin your writing!