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The Son of Neptune

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The Son of Neptune
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The Son of Neptune

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  1. The Son of Neptune Author: Rick Riordan Date/Year Published: October 4, 2011 Type of Book: Fantasy- Adventure John Ramillano

  2. Setting • The book has concepts from ancient Greek and Roman mythology in a modern setting. It has no main setting but usually takes place in San Francisco, California .As the story goes on they journey to Portland, Oregon Vancouver British Columbia then to Alaska and finally to Hubbard Glacier.

  3. Characters • Percy Jackson: A son of Poseidon and one of the main protagonist. Deep sea green eyes, jet black hair, average height, and athletic build. He is brave, loyal, and a natural leaderand has the ability to control water. • Hazel Levesque: Described with long curly brown hair hazel eyes dark skin. Is outgoing with the love for creativity and horseback riding. She is the daughter of Hades, has the ability to summon and sense precious metals and can find underground caves either to change or destroy them to suit her needs. • Frank Zhang: Son of Mars and has the ability to shape shift and greatly excels with a bow and arrow. He is large with a stoutly-built frame. Has black hair in a military cut is pessimistic, slight lack of confidence , loyal , and is a true friend.

  4. Conflict • Main conflict-To free Thanatos from the Chains of Death • Percy’s Conflict-Memory taken away by Hera • Hazel’s Conflict-Was tricked into raising Alcyoneus, believes its her responsibility to defeat him • Frank’s Conflict-Was cursed and now life is linked to a stick of wood

  5. Resolution • The hero's manage to finish their quest by releasing Death and defeating the giant. In the end Percy regained his entire memory, Hazel was successful at her battle with Alcyoneus, and Frank survived. The three of them and the rest of the camp then go greet the arrival of the Greek warship.

  6. My Opinion I thought the book was really great! I loved how Rick Riordan grasped me as a reader in the beginning and made me not want to put the book down until the end. I would gladly recommend this to a friend! The book had a great plot it was really descriptive and had lots of action and adventure.

  7. About the Author • Rick Riordan was born in San Antonio and attended Alamo Heights High School. He lives with his wife and 2 sons, Haley and Patrick. They own 3 pets: 2 black cats and a dog (Golden and Labrador mix). He enjoys reading, swimming, playing the guitar, and traveling with family in his spare time.

  8. 5 Test Questions 1)What do you think Percy felt when he was alone journeying towards Camp Jupiter? Why? 2)How would you have felt if your memory was taken away just as Percy’s was? 3)Do you think Hazel should be counted as a traitor since she raised Alcyoneus? How? 4)Why do you think Reyna wasn’t chosen as one of the seven demigods for the prophecy? Explain 5)Who stole Percy’s and Jason’s memory?

  9. Summary Percy suffers from amnesia and wakes up not remembering anything from his past. He is then told to journey to Camp Jupiter by its main counselor Lupa. He then makes his long and treacherous journey towards camp constantly being attacked by the Gorgons. He arrives at camp and is asked by an old woman if he could carry her across the Little Tiber. The Gorgons are still chasing after him and thanks to Frank and Hazel who he later becomes his friends help him out by finally destroying the Gorgons. It is later then appeared that the old woman happens to be the goddess Juno. After a victorious win in the war games Mars then appears and assigns them a quest to free Death in Alaska. They meet many enemies along the way but appear to be victorious in the end. For the prophecy of seven to be fulfilled their bigger task is to unite the Greek and Roman camp.