The canterbury tales
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The Canterbury Tales. Layal AbdulKarim and Arif Mrs.Timm 12-D November 10, 2013 . Nun.

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The canterbury tales

The Canterbury Tales

LayalAbdulKarimand Arif



November 10, 2013

The canterbury tales

  • Direct: There was a nun, who was in charge for everything, she was known as Madam Eglantyne. The greatest thing she always used to say “ By St. Loy!”. French in the Paris style she did not know. And well she sang a service, with a fine intoning through her nose, as was most seemly.

  • Indirect: She had good manners and she was polite. She also was charitably solicitous and sensitive, when ever she sees a rat being trapped she cries.

  • If the Nun was in our society, she would also be polite and good mannered but she has to become less sensitive because people here do not cry over simple things as she does.


  • Direct: A lawyer appointed by the monarch to serve as a judge. He was wary and his sayings were wise. He wore a homely parti-colored coat, Girt with a silken belt of pin-stripe stuff. He knew every statute by rote and no one could pinch a comma from his screeds.

  • Indirect: He was a busy man, high position and he knew of every judgment case and crime. Which means he was fair about his judgment. He was always right about his job.

  • If the Sergeant was in our society, he would not have been able to be so sure of his work because here everyone gives opinions and suggestions.

The canterbury tales

  • Direct: He loves to hunt, Hunting is his sport. Soon he will be head of a monastery. He is a bold man. His head is very shinny.

  • Indirect: he is a tough guy. He looked presentable for a monk. He loved to eat. He loved to hug.

  • In our society I think he would be a farmer. He loves taking care of animals.

H aberdasher dyer carpenter weaver carpet maker
Haberdasher, dyer, carpenter, weaver, carpet- maker

  • Direct: They are crafts men. Guild blue collar workers . Their goal is to be a town councilor.

  • Indirect: they are worthy citizen. They are big men , their very strong men so their good at their jobs.

  • In our society : they would be in the UFC.