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Structure of the Book

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Structure of the Book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inflation Investing A Guide for the 2010s Volume 1 Essentials for Creating a Portfolio Daryl Montgomery. Structure of the Book. There are 2 Volumes Volume 1 deals with history, economics and portfolio design (released on May 18th).

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Inflation InvestingA Guide for the 2010sVolume 1Essentials for Creating a PortfolioDaryl Montgomery

structure of the book
Structure of the Book
  • There are 2 Volumes
  • Volume 1 deals with history, economics and portfolio design (released on May 18th).
  • Volume 2 has detailed description of the major inflation-investing asset classes. (should be out in July).
  • Each will be published as e-books first.
  • A combined version will be printed in the fall.
volume 1 contents
Volume 1 Contents
  • Chapter 1: Inflation -The Risks and Opportunities- The Catalysts for Inflation in the 2010s- Inflation and Decline of the Dollar- Inflation From Ancient Times to the Present- What History Teaches Us about Inflation- The New Possibilities for Inflation Investing- How Inflation Turns the Rules of Investing Upside Down- The Four Major Assets for Inflation Investing, Plus Three Minor Ones- How to Know When to Take Your Profits
  • Chapter 2: Inflation through the Ages - From Roman Times to the 2000s- How the Romans Created Inflation Through Currency Debasement- Exceptional Inflations With Unique Causes- How the Early U.S. Pioneered Paper Currency Hyperinflation- The 20th Century Becomes the Inflation Century- Germany 1914 to 1923 – Hyperinflation in an Industrialized Country- Hungary 1945 and 1946 – Indexation Leads to the Biggest Hyperinflation Ever- China 1937 to 1949 – Hyperinflation Leads to Communism- Brazil 1549 to 1994 – Slow to Fast Hyperinflation- Yugoslavia 1988 to 1994 – Chronic Budget Deficits Meet Political Crisis- Zimbabwe 2000 to 2009 – The Ultimate Inflation Nightmare- The Story of Inflation Has Been the Same since Ancient Times
volume 1 contents1
Volume 1 Contents
  • Chapter 3: Inflation in the 1970s and the Implications for the 2000s- Central Banks Take Over the Economy- The Great Depression, Keynesian Economics and the Start of Budget Busting Government Spending- The Breton Woods Agreement Officially Makes the U.S. Dollar the World’s Reserve Currency- Inflation in the 1970s- The U.S. Government Starts Manipulating Its Inflation Numbers- U.S. Budget and Trade Deficits Soar After 1971- The U.S. Ignores Moral Hazard and Develops an Economy Dependent on Bailouts- The Credit Crisis and Its Inflationary Implications
  • Chapter 4: Guide to a Profitable Inflation-Investing Plan- Criteria that Need to be Considered When Choosing Investments- In General, Use ETFs to Invest Whenever Possible- Opportunities for Investing Elsewhere – ADRs and Foreign Brokerage Accounts- Use eBay and Other Online Auction Sites to Buy and Sell Collectibles- Consider Inflation Investing for Your Everyday Needs- The Four Major Inflation Assets Should Make Up Most of Your Portfolio- The Three Minor Inflation Assets Should Also Be Included in Your Portfolio- Sample Portfolios for the Inflation Investor
volume 1 contents2
Volume 1 Contents
  • Chapter 5: Keeping the Profits You’ve Made- Inflation Will Not End in the 2000s as It Did in the 1980s- Why Fed Policies That Stopped the 1970s Inflation Will Not Work Now- Speculation in the Commodity Markets is Getting Harder to Stop - Energy Prices Will Rise by More and for Much Longer Than They Did Previously- Food Shortages Will Be More Serious in the 2000s- How Inflation Will End in the 2010s or 2020s- When and How to Convert From a High to Low Inflation-Investing Strategy- Putting It All Together
volume 2 contents
Volume 2 Contents
  • Chapter 6: Gold and Silver
  • Chapter 7: Energy Investing
  • Chapter 8: Agriculture and Farmland
  • Chapter 9: Art, Antiques and Collectibles
  • Chapter 10: Industrial Metals, Strong Currencies and Short Bonds.