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Coral Reefs

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Coral Reefs . By Savannah Andrews. Types of animals in coral reefs.

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coral reefs

Coral Reefs

By Savannah Andrews

types of animals in coral reefs
Types of animals in coral reefs

There are many types of colorful animals in coral reefs…such as…crown- of-thorns- starfish , clownfish , eels , sea turtles , sea snakes , and lobsters. Others are clams , crabs , octopuses , squid , sea anemones , sponges , oysters , snails , jellyfish , and sea urchins. crocodiles live in Florida`s coral reefs.

There are many colorful fish like the parrot fish or the butterfly fish.

Did you know that the blue-ringed octopus lives in Australia`s Great Barrier Reef. A bite from the small octopus is deadly.

coral reef plant life
Coral Reef Plant Life.

Coral reefs has a lot of plant life. The main coral reef plants are sea grasses and algae. Sea grasses look much like grasses on land. Sea grasses can flower produce fruits. Some plants provide food for animals such as sea turtles, manatees, and dugongs.

Did you know that seaweed provides shelter for fish and other sea creatures.

animal adaptations
Animal Adaptations
  • Every animal has to adapt to where they live. Tropical fish adapt by living in warm water. Crabs adapt by lifting a sea anemone on their back to scare off predators. Other animals such as dolphins and porpoises eat fish big or small. Whales eat krill.
  • Did you know that some small types of fish stay by sharks so that they don`t get eaten
extreme conditions
Extreme Conditions
  • Being underwater is considered a extreme condition. The lack of oxygen and the pressure underwater makes it an extreme condition.
  • Did you know that some sharks in coral reefs need to keep swimming or else they can`t get enough oxygen.
dangers of the habitat
Dangers of the habitat
  • If global warming keeps going on and the coral reef areas get too hot, the plant and animal life will die. When people go fishing they need to make sure they don`t take too much fish or animals in the reef.
  • Did you know that if people didn`t hunt and animals were getting eaten the population would over grow.
food chain
Food Chain

When it comes to

the food chain it`s very import-

nant because, if animals as

tiny as plankton blue

whales can`t survive

and if their dead than

killer whales can`t survive

and so on.

Did you know that plankton a very

small fish can eat a jelly fish.