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Opponent paper

Opponent paper. Relevance and pick of countries. Iraq – England Two different cultures Typical Middle Eastern and European country. Models and methods. Good and relevant models Good comparison. Alternative models. Gert Hofstedes triangle.

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Opponent paper

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  1. Opponent paper

  2. Relevance and pick of countries • Iraq – England • Twodifferentcultures • TypicalMiddle Eastern and European country

  3. Models and methods • Good and relevant models • Good comparison

  4. Alternative models • Gert Hofstedes triangle

  5. Richard Gestelandcross-cultural business-behaviour

  6. Documentation and sufficiency • Theycompare the religion verywell • But theycould have focused on some more points (Sport – Weddings). • Theydon’t show wheretheirsourcesare from

  7. Analysis and argumentation • The use of theories is good and relevant – theycompare the countriesverywell • Theycould have make the comparison of religion for example on the same page.

  8. Culturalaspects • Theydon’ttellmuchabout general culture • For examplesports and foodculture.

  9. Systematics and clarify of the language • Good sources • The speaker is loud and clear in his voice – but speaksvery fast at some points.

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